Marketing Tests & Minimal Distribution

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Marketing Tests & Minimal Distribution

August 17, 2017 Announcements News 0

We have started marketing the platform to get some beta testers and webmasters on board. Initially we have put ads on Google display network and Facebook Ads. Retargeting pixels have also been placed across the site for future marketing efforts.

So far we have 11 users, 5 of which are internal accounts. Our client to employee ratio just turned a milestone at least.

We have distributed 100,000 coins to each of the four co-founders and kept 100,000 in the JSEcoin distribution account. It seemed like a good idea to do this sooner rather than later to increase the total coin captitalization which is now 500116 and will increase at a current rate of between 100-1500 coins per day paid out to the publishers and self-miners.

Current CPA for webmaster signup is around £5gbp. Although there’s not enough data for it to be significant this is inline with expectations.

One disappointing occurance is that most users are trying self-mining but not running the code on external sites. This may be a conversion flow problem or it could be that the ad campaign targeting isn’t reaching people with direct access to their own websites. i.e. people with an interest in PHP,HTML etc. may work as developers or have played with it years ago but don’t actually run their own websites.

Test test test.

Current live stats 17th August 2017