Meet Block our new support chatbot

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Meet Block our new support chatbot

November 27, 2018 Code Development News Publishers 0

A website update is being pushed live today for our new AI chatbot. His name is Block and he needs some help to learn about the project and how he can help users.

Over time the questions that come in will be linked to existing and new support articles which will form the backend interface for the bot and the content for the support center.

You can meet him and ask questions at he’ll pop up in the bottom right hand corner after a few seconds on page.

The chat bot is built on Oracle cloud’s digital assistant platform. The frontend is built by Fishbowl Solutions chatbot UI.

Initially the bot is mainly Q&A focused with natural language processing. We will be analysing the analytics regularly and gradually improving the intelligence of the bot and what it is capable of.

Imagine the bot as a new customer support representative that may not be able to answer everything today but in the future will be able to provide a more comprehensive knowledge base than any human is capable of.

Future development options include:-

  • Linking to facebook messenger API
  • Amazon Alexa integrations
  • 3rd party bot skill integrations

Block our new chat bot on the JSEcoin home page.

The chatbot telling a geek joke

The back end where we set up the questions and answers