Meeting Minutes 10th Sept 2018

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Meeting Minutes 10th Sept 2018

September 10, 2018 Announcements Meetings News 0

We are going to trial publishing meeting notes on the JSEcoin blog to aid with transparency and keep users up to date with what is going on internally.

Let us know if this is of interest and what you’d like to see more of from the team.

  • Asian markets
    • S.Korea largest contributor to ICO’s last quarter
    • China huge population and potential
    • Different social networks such as WeChat
    • Korean, Mandarin
    • Platform needs translating, big job possibly wait till alpha roll out
    • Community managers in these areas could help with translations and social media management.
  • Translations
    • Tidy up JSON files
  • Second Airdrop? AirWire / LoMoStar / / Self-managed
    • Meeting with Luke@Airwire on Thursday
    • LoMoStar have 500k community, based in Asia
    • market leader, bought out by Coinbase
    • Airdropping a % of each users holdings each month instead of burning tokens could benefit the token pricing by encouraging users to hodl.
  • Exchange Listing
    • Potential for buy walls to be setup with investors
    • Make a case for not selling tokens to community and users, has to be potential for future gain.
    • Markets will play a big role in the demand side
    • All focus on achieving the highest exchange price possible
  • Coinmarketcap listing
    • Need to be listed on two exchanges
  • How are the other ICOs doing since ETH crash?
    • Not well
  • Video Explainer
    • Review portfolios for new animated explainer video
  • Youtube Interviews
    • Not many projects are going to be paying for promotion so could be a good time to approach social media influencers
  • Ad-exchange
    • Publisher and Advertiser journey mock ups
    • Data planning, stats > reporting
    • Reach out to potential partners for beta trials later in the year


Please acknowledge that these notes may not be a complete record of the meeting as some information will need to be edited and removed before publishing due to non-disclosure agreements and to prevent leaking of valuable information to competitors. While we will do our best to clarify our intentions, meetings are generally held in an informal manner and nothing detailed in these minutes is legally binding.