Merchant Tools Released

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Merchant Tools Released

March 27, 2018 Announcements Code Development News Publishers 0

Today we release our Merchant Tools system allowing webmasters to accept cryptocurrency payments via their websites.

The tools are available to all users globally via the platform (login or register at

We have also developed a 3rd party Payment Gateway for the popular shopping cart system for WordPress Woocommerce. This is currently being reviewed by the WordPress plugin moderators and we should go live later this week.

We have setup an example demo shop where you can purchase JSEcoin merchandise using your JSE tokens. We have t-shirts, pens, mouse pads, fridge magnets, identicons, whitepapers, metal pin badges, all stocked and ready to go. All proceeds go to the charity account and we have also included a donation item with a low value if you just want to try the system out. Delivery of large items is currently just to the UK, smaller items are available throughout the EU and digital products are available globally of course. Check the delivery options available in the item description before purchasing please. All merchandise has been donated from users and the founders private funds, investor funds have not been used at this stage to stock the merchandise shop.

Visit the JSE merchandise shop at

The merchant tools enable both single payment and subscription models providing webmasters a new way to monetise content and generate revenue streams. Subscription models were important to integrate from the start because SaaS companies, membership sites, private forums all generate steady income using merchant rebilling facilities. We’ve ensured consumers are protected by making it as easy as possible to cancel a subscription at any time from the dashboard.

Here is some more information from the panel:-

“The merchant tools enable webmasters to accept simple payments via their website. You don’t need programming knowledge to accept JSE payments via your website or app. Simply give your item a name or ID reference, set a price and provide a thank you page for visitors to return to. Then click “Get Code” and copy and paste the payment code to your website where you want the button to be displayed.

You will receive email notification and your sales will be displayed in the merchant table below the setup form where you can check delivery address and “process” the order which will send an email notification to the buyer that the order has been processed (this is an optional step).

Advanced options

It is possible to obfuscate the data URL, this is useful if you want to link to a direct download page for digital products as it makes it harder (but not impossible) for a malicious user to find the completion URL or alter the price without purchasing the product. You can also provide a cancellation URL to redirect users to if they cancel the order.

Tracking variables can be used to pass data to the merchant form and then back to the completion URL or cancellation URL. This enables integration of the JSE payment gateway with 3rd party shopping cart applications by transferring session/cart/order variables.

The dynamic tracking tokens to use in your URL are:-
{item} {price} {c1} {c2} {c3}

Example return URL:{c1}&cartValue={price}


Many SaaS and Membership sites rely on rebill subscriptions to provide a steady income stream. You can now take daily, weekly, monthly or annual subscription payments with the JSEcoin merchant tools. Simply set the “Recurring Payment” option from the payment type drop down menu and complete the required forms. Initial payment will be taken at the time of checkout, this can be a $1 trial special offer for example. Recurring payment amount will be debited from the buyers account after the defined rebillFrequency has passed i.e. a month later for monthly subscriptions. A merchant or user can cancel their subscription at any time and email notifications will be provided.

If you have any problems our technical support team is available to help get the merchant tools platform setup on your site. Contact us at:

Here are some screenshots of the merchant tools panel, checkout flow and the merchandise store.


Merchant Tools Panel


JSEcoin Merchandise Shop


Step 1 after click button buyer logs in


Step 2 confirm payment and redirect back to thank you URL


The release of the merchant tools system marks a big stepping stone for us as we aim to become the complete cryptocurrency package for the web. The merchant tools alongside the API and mining system provides powerful, feature rich, simple to use functionality for webmasters to develop and build new things with.