Moving to an opt-in system

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Moving to an opt-in system

February 14, 2018 Announcements Development News Publishers 0

There are big changes coming at JSEcoin. We will be moving the current publisher mining system across to a opt-in only platform in the next few weeks. This will be for a trial test period to ensure we can gain enough computational power as a % to opt-out users to make the project a success.

Because of the fixed mining rewards and fair distribution we believe that publishers earnings should not be affected by these changes. It will be the same for everyone and the same amount will be distributed to the publisher pool each day.

This is a big step forwards in the industry and I believe we now have the volumes to move to an opt-in system with mining impressions hitting more than 50 million some days.

Here is some screenshots of the proposed new privacy notification:

There are pros and cons to this move:


  • An opt-in system is less likely to cause legal problems in the future.
  • The process of becoming whitelisted by Antivirus companies should become easier.
  • By encouraging people to interact with the banner we are making them more aware of the technology and project.
  • Publisher fraud will be reduced because mining algorithm will be based on number of opt-ins as opposed to unique impressions which is harder to fake. This means higher quality websites should receive more rewards and lower quality sites with little user interaction or bot nets should receive less.


  • Less mining power as only a certain percentage will opt in.
  • More intrusive as we need to ensure users see the privacy banner. Are we replacing banner ads with mining notifications and removing the benefit?

The text that we use is still being debated. We have come up with a number of alternatives and this has created some internal debate. It’s critical we protect ourselves legally and conform to A/V requirements for whitelisting but also need to protect webmasters interests.

My personal favorite (changes daily) is:

“This website is supported by JSEcoin mining. By continuing you agree to donate surplus computational resources. This will cease after you leave the site and will not impact your browsing experience.”

It could be beneficial to split-test a few different banners to see what gets the most opt-ins and causes the fewest opt-outs. I think the key thing is to let people know it’s safe and temporary only while they are on the site. Mining has a bad reputation because of traditional cryptocurrencies but it is part of our responsibility to change that over a long-term period.

This is a big move for us and we are moving away from what all the copy cat monero miners are doing. We still have first mover advantage in the ethical web based mining vertical and moving to an opt-in only platform will support our position and ensure the project is upholding the highest possible legal and ethical standards. We have seen some big publishers and media houses such as Salon move towards browser based mining and this is a sign that the industry is starting to accept and move forwards with the technology. Once we are listed on exchange we should be in a great position to attract the top publishers who want ethical/legal/non-disruptive browser mining.

We have setup a forum post for feedback at

You can also communicate with us on the official Discord and Telegram channels at:

P.S. We are still looking for translators and reviewers at: