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New Year

January 1, 2018 Announcements Comment Development News 0

Thanks to everyone that has made 2017 an amazing and exciting year for JSEcoin. The project has grown to now having 48,000 users and our code is installed on over 10,000 publisher websites bringing in more than ten to fifteen million mining impressions each day.

The continued growth in the user base is particularly encouraging as we haven’t been doing any paid advertising since the close of the pre-ICO funding round. New users are still finding  the JSEcoin platform and the user base should reach fifty thousand before the end of the month.

Our plan for 2018 is to finish the existing development work on the platform and then start to gear up for the ICO which will be later this year.

We have updated the time line at to include our plans and timeframes for the development work that needs to be done. This is going to be hard work for the development team to hit intentionally challenging deadlines and I am grateful for the effort that everyone has put in to date and for the continued commitment to this cause. The cryptocurrency markets are buoyant and 2017 has seen huge gains for BTC and the altcoin markets. The sooner we can get to ICO the less risk there is of a market collapse/correction before we get there. While we don’t want to rush the project, time is critical and we need to push forwards to get the final bits in place before the ICO starts.

The project has grown to a point where we need to develop it in a more professional manner. Moving fast and breaking things is OK when you have a tiny user-base and a minimum viable product. Now we have thousands of users logged in at any one time we need to be more careful about staging updates and not causing any significant downtime. John will be leading the development team in 2018 and he comes from a professional development background as he has worked with large teams and projects in the past. We are lucky enough to have a specialized solidity programmer joining us part-time in Q1. He will be providing the experience and skillset necessary to integrate our platform with an ERC20/223 Ethereum smart contract which will form the base of our ICO funding tool and exchange integration system. If all goes to plan we should be ready to open-source the code base by March which will enable us to benefit from community development as well.

The majority of our social media and PR efforts so far have been reactive. In 2018 David will be focusing on pro-actively building communities and driving our project  forwards towards ICO. This will include long-awaited communities on the Reddit and Telegram channels. He will also be responsible for communicating and lobbying with anti-virus and ad-tech companies which have caused us issues in 2017.

We have a meeting later today in which we will be reviewing new designs for both the main website and the platform. I’ve had a sneak preview and these look amazing. Originally this site was put together with a standard wordpress theme and  it has been modified from there. The new design takes this to the next level and will be coded using the new front-end vue.js framework.

Security will be a huge challenge for all cryptocurrency companies this year. Almost every week there is news of another project getting hacked or losing funds to theft. We need to learn from others mistakes where possible and keep the system and our organization resilient.

We will be attending the Blockchain Expo in London on April 18th-19th ( If you would like to setup a meeting with our team members then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again to all the early adopters who have made this project possible. The next year will be an exciting time for cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and JSEcoin.