November Newsletter

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November Newsletter

November 9, 2017 Announcements News 0

Welcome to JSEcoin’s November newsletter.

It’s been another busy month and there have been some big improvements behind the scenes:

  • The platform is now ready to scale up with multiple instances running behind a load balancer
  • The system data is now more secure being saved on a Google Firebase DB
  • The whitepaper has been updated and the coin distribution plan announced

Something really important to us this month hasbeen making improvements to the whitepaper, this has now been updated on the site, as well as a one page overview.

The updated whitepaper gives a much clearer picture of the plan for ICO and the future goals for JSEcoin. Please click below to take a look and letus know any feedback.

Whitepaper       Onepager

So looking ahead to the future, what have we got in store?
  • The desktop app will be released
  • The block explorer will be published
  • We’ll finally start a Bitcointalk ANN thread (your feedback and support on there would be appreciated)
  • We will be increasing marketing efforts
Anti-Virus and Ad-blockers

Unfortunately, the way some of our competitors have gone about their business has given browser mining a bit of negative publicity and as such a few of the anti-virus companies are treating all browser based cryptocurrency mining platforms as malware. Mostly once we’ve contacted them to explain the way in which we operate this has been removed, but if you have any problems, please get in touch with your provider reporting a false alarm and let us know which company it is so that we can contact them as well.


Growth of the user base has maintained a consistent rate and this month could see us break through the 30k mark for registered users and get close to 10k publisher sites! Both figures we’re delighted with.

If you would like to stay up to date with the latest from JSEcoin you can:

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Thanks for your support over the past month and for being a JSEcoin early adopter.