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The JSEcoin platform is now live and the best way to find out about what we are building is to setup an account and explore:

Please note we do not and have never participated in hidden background web browser mining. JSEcoin Limited is a registered UK business and we uphold the highest ethical and business practices.

Further information is available in the frequently asked questions and on the forum.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to one of the co-founders please contact us.

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PDF – 23rd Nov 2017

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Press Release

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are mined using thousands of high powered devices which calculate cryptography algorithms on an industrial scale. The Bitcoin network alone now consumes more power than Cuba and this is rising at an astonishing rate*.

As cryptocurrency prices are pushed up by investors rushing to put money in to the markets, the miners are given more margin to spend on more hardware and electricity. If cryptocurrency is to achieve mainstream adoption, a new solution is needed.

JSEcoin uses new browser based mining technology to carry out the same cryptography calculations from within a web browser. You can try this right now using the self-mining page at

We also provide a mining script and affiliate program for webmasters to monetize the content of their websites. We do not partake in hidden background mining which is unethical and a misuse of this technology. All users are delivered a privacy notice before the mining starts and a network wide opt-out link is provided.

The mining code uses excess CPU resources within the browser that would otherwise be wasted**. The page load speeds and user experience on the 3rd party website is not affected. This provides a less intrusive alternative to traditional banner or pop-up advertising.

The platform also provides users with a way to transfer digital funds with fee-free quick transfers. Investors can also participate in the Pre-ICO crowdsale using the funds page.

JSEcoin Limited is a UK registered company (registration number 10940920). Our accounts are published monthly on the website and audited annually by a 3rd party accountancy agency.

The company was setup by four co-founders James Bachini, David Mallett, John Sim and Tracey Bachini. Based just outside of Cambridge in the UK we are working to build the next generation of consumer friendly cryptocurrency.

Our vision is to launch a cryptocurrency that does not negatively impact the environment. In the future all industries will have to move towards green technologies including blockchain and fin-tech. The platform is live and the best way to find out more about what we are doing is to setup an account and see for yourself at:

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