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Bounty Campaign Draft Proposal

Please note this is a draft proposal and all figures and programs are subject to change. UPDATED: 2018-06-20 During the ICO the bounty campaign will be divided into five aspects:- Current affiliate referrals program with payout increase Airdrop, fixed payout, once 7 days before ICO Bounty campaign, payouts throughout ICO Ambassador program to reward contributors…
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May 30, 2018 0

New JSEcoin Website

Our new homepage and website is live at https://jsecoin.com If you have any feedback please contact us at: https://jsecoin.com/support/contact

January 30, 2018 0

30 Day Review

Since we opened the platform up to the public on the 15th August 2017 the adoption and feedback from the community has been incredible. Our user base is growing exponentially, webmasters are pushing huge volumes of traffic and outside investors trusting us with their funds. It has been a wonderful first month full of ups…
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September 13, 2017 0

JSEcoin Platform Open For Beta Tests

Today Tuesday 15th August we open the platform up for beta testing. You can create an account here: https://jsecoin.com/platform/?register=1 Most features are live although it is still in active development so the UI may be moved about etc. All coins will be distributed to existing users when we move from beta in to full production…
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August 15, 2017 0

Whitepaper Published

You can download the full whitepaper at: https://jsecoin.com/whitepaper.pdf Summary below: Cryptocurrencies currently rely on miners to carry out the cryptography hashing. Hashing is a mathematical equation that is carried out at large scale to secure a blockchain which is the underlying transaction database of a cryptocurrency. This process consumes huge amounts of computing power, server…
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August 5, 2017 0