The JSEcoin Ecosystem

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The JSEcoin Ecosystem

October 3, 2018 Comment Development Investors News 0

Currently the missing feature for many cryptocurrencies is their lack of demand beyond ICO and investor speculation. For many people cryptocurrencies are viewed more like stocks and shares, something that is bought and sold in order to try and make a profit. Generally this money is taken from the system as fiat currency due to the lack of practical uses for most currencies that have “mooned”. Really that isn’t the true use case behind digital currencies. When holding JSE tokens you are part of an ecosystem that is much greater than a speculative investment.

There are 6 key elements within the JSEcoin ecosystem each outlined below, and each essential for providing long term demand for the JSE token.


Platform/Self Miners

Our Self mining platform offers, in our opinion, the simplest entry point to cryptocurrency currently available anywhere in the sector. All you need is an email address and access to a web browser. 144,000 tokens per day are distributed to those users running the mining on their devices. Alongside this, users can participate in the bounty and small jobs schemes to earn additional JSE. Currently there are over 100K registered platform users meaning that the mining rewards are being very widely distributed around the world. The unique rewards lottery system ensures an even distribution meaning the tokens aren’t simply distributed to corporations with access to the most computational power.


Publisher Mining

This offers a website owner a viable alternative to using traditional advertising as a way of monetising a website. It is really simple to install the JSEcoin miner onto a site. Simply copy and paste a small unique code snippet (alternatively use the WordPress or Joomla plugins) onto your site and let your visitors earn you JSEcoin tokens. 288,000 JSE per day is distributed among website owners with the rewards system focusing on the number of opt-in users a site has. Again with over 25K registered domains this ensures that the JSE tokens are being widely distributed.



It is on the exchanges that the market value of the token is determined. JSEcoin will be listed on LATOKEN as well as other exchanges soon to be announced providing a fantastic marketplace for those that want to trade their tokens, or for those looking to purchase some JSE. A trusted and reliable exchange is essential for ensuring smooth transactions and a consistent flow of tokens to new users. We are optimistic that the other elements of the ecosystem will create a positive demand for the tokens on the exchange.


Merchant Tools

It is important that with such a wide distribution of tokens to platform miners and website owners that they have some way of using the tokens other than simply trading on exchange. Therefore we have already introduced our simple to use merchant tools. These enable websites to accept JSE as payment for their goods and services and are both simple for webmasters to install, and easy for miners to spend their rewards.


We foresee in the future that the majority of online payments will be in cryptocurrency tokens and JSE can be at the forefront of this evolution.


Ad Exchange

To create demand on exchange we intend to release the JSE Ad Exchange . This will benefit publishers by providing additional content monetization while providing utility for the JSE token. Post exchange listing this will be our core development and business focus. JSE will be used as an exchange currency between advertisers and publishers in a open transparent marketplace for digital advertising placements.


We currently have 10+ million impressions a day on the network and this traffic has an estimated valuation of $1.5m / month @ $5cpm. There are very few blockchain projects that have a viable business model and even fewer that are operating at these volumes. The platform is built to scale and we expect traction to increase once the token has tradable value potentially creating one of the most successful blockchain projects in the industry.


Business Enterprise Solutions

Alongside this we will offer Business Enterprise Solutions, integrating businesses with our blockchain. The currency for these services will be the JSE token again creating further demand on exchanges, whilst also returning JSE tokens to the network to fund mining rewards and cover business expenses indefinitely.


In summary, purchasing or mining JSEcoin tokens means you are contributing to a working and expanding ecosystem that we feel will revolutionise the future of digital payments and digital advertising.

David Mallett COO