Website Cryptocurrency Mining

July 2017 Create business proposal and proof of concept code
August 2017 Create beta platform for website owners. Get feedback from cryptocurrency investors and developers. Launch on internal website network and create beta-blockchain. (opened platform publicly)
September 2017 Find seed investors who would be willing to fund the company in return for cryptocurrency or equity. And/or explore other funding options. Secure investment for ICO marketing and exchange listing.

Publish first set of monthly accounts.

October 2017 Start advertising and marketing campaigns targeting publishers and potential ICO investors. Move network out of beta stage and into production with major update.
November 2017 Create ICO marketing plan. Release block explorer. Scale up marketing campaigns. Create Bitcointalk ANN thread.
December 2017 Start work on merchant tools. Updates to whitepaper. Produce demo/sales video for investors. Start preparing for ICO.
2018 Open source code base

Create market liquidity with ICO and listing JSE on exchange(s).

Explore options for user advertising, listing company publicly, further development.