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    Your account has been suspended pending an investigation, please contact investigations@jsecoin.com

    My account at wiheyic@asorent.com, as I recall there was about 100 jsecoin

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    Referral fraud.
    33 inactive referrals. Email addresses all similar. No account activity.
    Looks like paid to click or bot traffic as analytics shows 33 link clicks on your referral link and 33 sign-ups. 100% conversion rate unrealistic.
    It’s referral spam basically which is why your account was suspended.

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    abdelali gass


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    Okay, guys this account banning needs to end immediately. I say we just shutdown the referral program altogether and add the reserved amount to improved mining rewards. I know the argument is protection from fraud, and in any other industry its acceptable to think that way, but not with blockchain.

    Blockchain is a product, people invest in it because of what it provides that banks do not provide: personal control of one’s own finances. If a blockchain can stop you from transacting on the network, it is a fake blockchain and that means it is a fraud itself, because it sells an idea that it is not.

    Forgive the strong language, but I implore the JSECoin to rethink their ideas on this, because its 100% wrong to profit from the branded reputation of a blockchain (which is to be a decentralized and trustless system), if it is not. Blockchain is branded and sold on the idea of immutable records, decentralization and if you claim to be this type of product but are not you are a fraud. We need to fix this.

    Banks are able to reject people, they never deny that they are permissioned systems. Blockchain is branded as permissionless, this is why anyone even cares about it. No one should be able to permit or reject me or anyone else from transacting on the network, that’s what a blockchain is, anything else selling itself as a blockchain is committing fraud.

    I don’t wish to offend, but I strongly hope this comment will be received in the spirit that it was intended. I only want to be clear that JSECoin needs to be permissionless or it needs to stop branding itself in the blockchain category. I hope the team will carefully consider these points.

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    I agree. No need to get more useless blank accounts, other than to make the numbers prettier. Natural growth should be the way to get big…

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    After i tried to withdraw some amount to LAToken my account was suspended! I’m using my PC and my website 24/7 to mine and now this?! I have no referrals at all. Also, no response whatsoever from investigations@jsecoin.com . Feel like i wasted my time and energy. This cant be to good


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    Centralization will be the ruin of this currency … is a crypto currency or is a payment service (like paypal) or ad service (like adsense) or what ???

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    abdelali gass

    worked a lot on this project because I liked it a lot and if I did a bit of pardenez me .. Please Reply to my account

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    Unfortunately my account has been suspended too. It would be great to have further information soon.

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    I can either explain here if you can provide an email address or user ID or you can email the address provided and ask us to explain in public or private. It’s normally referral fraud ie. sending fake users. Or publisher mining, having high volumes of fake visitors on your site.

    In either case it’s not fair to the rest of the stakeholders in the project if we allow these practices.

    If we have made a mistake, and we acknowledge that we aren’t perfect and this does happen, we will open up your account and apologise publicly of course.

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    Thank you for your quick reply James,

    There is no need to apologise publicly. Mistakes happen and always will. It is a matter of how they are dealt with. I am operating a large network of several million social media followers, a significant amount in the cryptoniche i made mistakes too, bad ones. I am finishing my review and JSE this weekend and will make sure your fast reaction is taken into account.

    I cannot access my user ID because the account is blocked but i wrote you an email from robert.*******@gmx.net to investigations. My user ID starts with 32 as far as i remember and i had around 213k JSE.

    I am looking forward to hear from you.

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    abdelali gass

    Pardonne moi Si vous faites des erreurs, parce que je ne savais pas que je ne pouvais pas retirer mon compte avant la date indiquée, je vous prie de me répondre sur mon compte.

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    This referral bounty program should close. It destroys the decentralization of the coin.

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    Gilunov Evgeny Gennadyevich

    Your account has been suspended pending an investigation, please contact investigations@jsecoin.com
    What is the reason I can not log into my account?

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    I wish the JSEcoin team would get it in their heads that a centralized blockchain is a fraud. Its not worth setting up a fraud-protection program if you have to become a fraud product in order to do it. I don’t want fake referrals lessening the value of the coins I acquired, but blockchain means decentralization, that’s the point of it. If its not decentralized its just a digital money on a poor quality database, and digital monies in the past have all failed. The only reason Bitcoin succeeded was because it was decentralized, trustless and immutable unlike all the digital currencies before it, and the only reason altcoins have been doing well is because of the brand Bitcoin made of decentralized, deflationary, trustless and immutable money via blockchain technology.

    We need a decentralized wallet with no banning option that fully interacts with the JSECoin network. This is paramount, much more important than an ad exchange and that should be put off until we have that decentralized wallet.

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