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    ☀ Jeff ☀

    What about trying to get Wikipedia on board – MINING!

    Just imagine the possibility if this happened, the exposure STRATOSPHERIC!

    They are looking for funding 100%.

    What a match!!! ???

    Definately worth a email, phone call, send a product etc.

    GO FOR IT, try making a deal.



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    ☀ Jeff ☀


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    Great idea, but warn me well in advance so I can leave the sinking ship.

    Sites as Wikipedia have millions of pageviews a day, making that all the coins will go to them. Guess you will be making one coin every six months or so if they decide to join.

    IMO big sites joining is one of the dangers of a system as JSE. Just read that coinhive will stop. Don’t know if the piratebay uses them (they mine, that’s for sure), but if they do there is indeed a possibility that they will have a look at JSE. Same thing with many other (big) sites who do background mining without user consent. If they come, they will leave only breadcrumbs to the existing users (mostly small sites).

    Not sure that is good for us and JSE.

    James can start thinking what he will do with his advertising consensus banner. Not sure that the real big guys will agree with that 😉

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    ☀ Jeff ☀

    Remember its a hash lottery + it is possible that the value of x 1 coin could be amplified of course.


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    It will benefit JSEcoin project if any of big sites will join. I think it is not problem to increase daily publisher supply.
    Small sites are not main thing. Wold be nice if some whitehat sites like Unicef get using JSEcoin, but there is many other sites.
    I think there are mostly good things when some big sites join to such projects. Then may not like earning limit that is currently implemented.

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    ☀ Jeff ☀

    @ ShineBro

    Agree, positive results.


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    Wikipedia would probably be my no.1 publisher to get on board. We’ve tried contacting them in the past with little avail. I’ve sent the following email to their donate address this afternoon. Fingers crossed as it could be a foot in the door.

    “Donations with Cryptocurrency

    Would you be interested in setting up a wikipedia page with opt-in based browser mining so that visitors can go to the URL and raise funds directly for wikipedia?

    Our blockchain project is based around webmasters and we have a javascript code snippet that can be included in a pages HTML. This pops up a opt-in confirmation which once consent is gained starts a javascript mining program while the users stays on the page.

    100% of funds collected would go direct to wikimedia and we would take no fees or commission. Payouts would be in the JSE token which is listed on coinmarketcap and tradable for Bitcoin or Ethereum on 3rd party exchanges.

    We could promote the page across our social channels as well to help launch the project.

    Let me know if this would be of interest and we can discuss via email or jump on a Skype call.

    Kind regards,

    James Bachini”

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    Got a reply:
    Hi James,

    Thank you for your email and your support for the Wikimedia Foundation and free knowledge. Due to the high-profile nature of Wikipedia we receive quite a few offers of goods or services from generous people like yourself. Unfortunately, with such a small staff, we do not have resources to perform the due diligence needed for each of these offers. At this stage we cannot accept.

    Thank you again for your offer, and we wish you the best of luck!


    [Name removed]
    Donor Services Associate
    Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
    Try again in a few months with a different angle…

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    Call me jeff

    I would be happy if they accept JSEcoin as donation options

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    ☀ Jeff ☀

    Nice work, a response is better than no response even if a slighty generic reply.

    I guess they would be sifting through multiple offers & emails, many they probably wouldnt even reply too. JSEcoin they did.

    They mention diligence meaning it would take work but in reality it is just popping a quick code on the site.

    If somehow emphasizing & eliminating ANY & ALL other work involved for them other than dropping a simple quick code on their site ( to mine ) based on small limited staff. People love a no work involved & gaining scenario.

    Perhaps a light guesstimate projection in terms of how they would gain $$$ based on their traffic & alexa rank ( 5 in world ) – if this is possible.

    Persistence & a fresh angle.

    All the best 🙂

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    I really don’t want to be the bad guy over here, and there is nothing wrong about dreaming, but I think that this project needs a bit more realistic thinking…

    Wikipedia is a mediocre website which needs title resources. You can download there 2018 results HERE

    On page 3, you can read that for 2018, their expenses were only USD 81.442.265, just a bit more as they were in 2017 (USG 69.136.758).

    Compared with JSE coin: the current value of all tokens distributed every day between the participating websites is around USD 280, or approx. USD 102.200/year.

    So even if Wikipedia managed to mine all available tokens (most likely they would become close), JSE can only count for approx 0.125 % of their annual budget.

    But of course, we all know that at the that of the year 1 JSE will be around 1000 USD 😉

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    ☀ Jeff ☀

    Wouldnt worry about the finer details, the main thing is to be taken on by a large site for exposure to JSEcoin.


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    Pornhub maybe?

    The right advertisers are already in place 😉

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