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    0 self miners??? how?

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    and also 5 hashes in 40 minutes and none valid

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    James Bachini

    Hi Laci, we reset the stats every 6 hours and it takes up to 5 mins for the nodes to all resync and recalculate cumulative stats. It could be something to do with that although 5 hashes in 40 minutes sounds like a local issue because you should be finding one every 30 seconds. If this happens I’d suggest refreshing the browser or restarting the app. If it happens frequently please send in a screenshot or any error codes you get in the logging console.

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    hello,2 hours after i wrote down this it just went fine everything,i dont know how,but at least my problem was solved 🙂
    ty for response anyway

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    make sure you keep the self browser window on its own and not minimized, otherwise speed can go to near zero. at least it was for me

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