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    This is kind of a duplicate of the previous thread: https://jsecoin.com/topic/recommended-exchanges/

    I’m looking to build a shortlist of exchanges over the next few days that we can research to try and expand our reach and provide more reliable 3rd party trading.

    Suggested so far (updated) :

    • Cryptopia 4.2m Dot~ $50k
    • TradeOgre
    • CREX
    • Cobinhood ~ $50k
    • Stex – 0.5-1BTC
    • Coinexchange – 3BTC
    • Mercatox – 0.5-5 BTC
    • Trade Satoshi – 1 BTC
    • YoBit – 0.5 BTC
    • EscoDex – 0.35 BTC

    We need it to be listed with coinmarketcap and have API access (this is something we can look into when researching) and also have reasonable listing fees or a peer voting system.

    Ideally something that’s reliable, has good customer support and some history of good business practices.

    Any suggestions, experiences, listing fees or details please add them to the list by leaving a comment below. Thank you

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    Arturo Rodriguez Polo

    Hello james, I know you are at the top, but I think you should give some priority to list JSEcoin in the third list pprque idex has no volume and there is a risk that it is delisted. In my opinion I think the exchange has more volume is where you should list JSEcoin. Because in Latoken you see bullish movements but there is little volume, although I personally do not care today because I do not plan to sell my investment for 2-3 years, but I think You have done one of the best projects of 2018 and you have to move fast. I know you do not stop since I follow you since October of last year, but I think if you move well JSEcoin will destroy coinhive with respect to mining and you do it moderately Well with advertising, this coin will be talked about a lot.
    I have used a Google translator, I hope it is understood.

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    rod (Megusta)

    If you want to add JSEcoin reputation among the cryptocurrencies listed in exchanges, Cobinhood seems to have the best reputation among the list shown. Although indexing in Cobinhood can be very expensive

    Mercatox seems to offer some benefits in exchange for a reasonable fee, BUT, it has some drawbacks that should be considered, for example, in the case of those who are not English speaking and have identification documents or proof of address of countries where are not written in English, it turns out that a “administrator” of Mercatox at the time of trying to verify the identity, requires that the proof of address that is presented, this written in ENGLISH, and that despite the form to upload the ID says that any type of official identification can be used, the Admin says that it must be a PASSPORT THAT IS USED TO VERIFY THE ACCOUNT.

    For countries where the English language is the main language and the identification documents are written in English, there should be no problem with Mercatox.
    You can also make transactions of buying and selling tokens, and make withdrawals, without the need to verify the account, but only up to 0.5BTC per day – in one part it says that without checking you can make withdrawals of up to 1 BRC per day, but on the other hand it says it’s only up to 0.5 BTC ..

    admin answer screenshot

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    Can only speak for myself here, but I wasn’t disappointed by Cryptopia so far. Easy to use, legit exchange.

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    Went through the recently added tokens sorted by 24hr volume on coinmarketcap this morning and put together. List of ones that popped up and the frequency. This wasn’t done very scientifically.

    Hotbit x5
    Bit-z x3
    Mercatox x2
    Crex24 x3
    KuCoin x2
    ExRates x5
    Bilaxy x2
    HitBTC x3

    General feeling I got was that KuCoin, HitBTC, Hotbit and ExRates all did the best volume when listed on multiple exchanges, probably in that order.

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    I wonder if it would not be useful to set up your own ‘exchange’ 😉

    I face the following problem (and I’m sure I’m not alone): I know absolutely nothing about crypto coins and exchanges. And honestly, I’m not really interested to become some kind of speculant. I just want to pay my bills, that’s it.

    What I am interested in as a webmaster, is the opportunity JSE offers: let the website mine to cover its expenses. Right now, it seems to work: my JSE balance should be more as enough to cover the next hosting bill.


    My host doesn’t accept JSE or any other crypto coin.

    So if I understand well, I need to send JSE to an exchange (at some cost), sell my coins for useless ETH (more costs), transfer the ETH’s to some service which can convert them into USD (even more costs), transfer them to my bank account (international banking costs) and then use Paypal or CC to finally pay my host (haha, this time he will pay the costs!)

    Do you also feel this is ridiculous? How can a crypto currency become widely accepted this way? And what if JSE will start with the adds platform? Advertisers will have to follow the opposite way to pay their bills in JSE? Will they prefer this above Adsense? I doubt it….

    So why not offer a way for miners to sell their coins directly from their JSE wallet? Thanks to friendly API’s we know the current exchange rate in USD or Euro, link it to Paypal or any similar service and voila, we have an almost free exchange to trade coins with real money.

    Only problem might be how to spread to word and maybe some legal obstacles, but I think it is worthwile to give it a try.

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    rod (Megusta)

    Marc, it is not convenient that direct exchanges are made by the company, because they could be accused of trying to manipulate the values of sale, so it can attract legal problems to JSEcoin, the only way that it would not cause a problem with the values of purchase sale, would be that the purchase value was at least 15% below the value of demand in the exchanges.

    Once you start to get used to negotiating with Tokens, which are exchanged for Ethereum or BTC, you realize that it is very easy to make transactions, and there are already special “exchanges” that change your BTC or Ethereum for a deposit to PayPal , such as https://unichange.me

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    Arturo Rodriguez Polo

    james very successful your analysis, I sincerely believe that they are the best relations to reach a better volume. The only one we work with is exrate but the others are not.

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    Arturo Rodriguez Polo

    james very successful your analysis, I sincerely believe that they are the best relations to reach a better volume. The only one I have not worked with is exrate, but the other three exchages will increase the volume of JSEcoin.

    Note: sorry, the previous comment did not translate well Google.

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    Dear Jse Team,

    May i suggest jse coin to list on liquid.com…. the support if great and this exchange for asian market. hope you consider this exchange…

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    i suggest indodax.com crypto exchange from indonesia, because i’m from indonesia

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    Yeah in theory it would be so good if we could just add a paypal deposit and withdraw button to exchange JSE to USD/EUR/GBP etc. There’s a bunch of legal issues with this and we would become a massive target for credit card fraud etc. It’s really hard to do the crypto broker thing well. Companies like coinbase do a good job but they have huge resources so we are really reliant on 3rd parties for the foreseeable future. Maybe one day, it would certainly simplify things and make it more accessible.

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    My suggestion is Liquid.com, CoinFIeld, others are already on list.
    Also like CoinHood because of zero fee.

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    Remember that I forgot to mention Okex, BitPanda and Exmo.

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    alexis leclerc

    I’m watching another great future cryptocurrency (which I will not mention) that is present on stex and cryptopia. Cryptopia has the benefit of trading volume, but stex seems to me more responsive on wallet transfer updates and has a mobile app.

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