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    jansen marlon rosa

    Good evening!
    after the launch of ICO, in which website will it be possible to exchange JSECOIN Or other currencies?

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    Hi Jansen,

    We haven’t made a decision yet as to which exchanges to list on. Basically it depends a lot on the listing fees at the time and how much we raise during the ICO. Listing fees vary greatly with anything from 3BTC for TradeSatoshi to reportedly over $2m USD for Bittrex. Ideally we would like to list on one or two medium sized exchanges with a good reputation. TradeSatoshi wouldn’t be a bad option, I like Cryptopia as well although they’ve had issues recently, HitBTC isn’t very pretty but they have good exposure, Binance/Bittrex are my favourite but unrealistic really as a initial listing venue although in the long term I would like to see JSE on both.

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    Christian Scholz

    Please dont use TS (tradesatoshi). NIMIQ (other browser based crypto, which i mine in hope of some profit…. JSE will be the future in my opinion, but money is money =D) is listed on TS and almost everybody in their discord hates it. I didn’t use it and will hold on till better exchange happen.
    The devs of TS seem to doesn’t care and some people was waiting about a month for their withdrawls. Go for something better, if you have the chance.

    (I’m a crypto noob, so dont quote me on this. But the discord of them are all saying, this exchange is shit and dont even bother to use TS because it’s shit…)

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    I can agree with @Christian Scholz , avoid TS…

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    I think you are waiting to raise huge money and this is unlikely and also it is not good to we need to wait then to October to get it on exchanges… I think you need to release this coin soon as possible, not wait to October in case you do not reach 60 million or how much you want to raise.

    Some of us are in this project already for (almost) a year and this needs to move on.

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    Never used the utility because in fact dont own any cryptoasset beside those which are for free like JSE/NIMIQ – complains its shit.
    Also 1$ EOY EOY EOY EO—-

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    Can JSEcoin be listed on exchanges before ICO ends up?

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    No. Exchange listing will take place when ICO is finished (October 11) or when hardcap is reached.

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    Is there any way to sell JSE for ETH at the moment?

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    Once the ICO is complete we will open up the import/export functionality that enables you to send your tokens the exchanges and to 3rd party ERC20 compatible wallets.

    The only way currently would be a private sale which is not recommended and would be completely at your own risk.

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    Guys just wait few more days and you can then sell / transfer JSE to exchanges.

    Patience is the most important.

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    jansen marlon rosa


    I have 0.0022 BTC equal to 13.83 USD, how many IF you would sell me for that amount?

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