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    jansen marlon rosa

    after the launch of JSECOIN, will there be 1 JSE for the site and 2 JSE for editors? or returned to what it was before?
    I hope you have given to understand, I am using the translator.

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    It will be harder to mine coins and I personally hope they back reward(s) as they were before.

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    jansen marlon rosa

    I also hope that in launching the new miners, I hope they get reward (s) as they were before.

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    We will probably need to balance it out according to demand. It depends on the ratios of publishers (with websites running JSE) and end users (platform self-miners). During the ICO there is going to be a lot of marketing and new users so earnings could potentially go down. The current figures are not set in stone and if we feel there is a benefit to all stakeholders to increase or adjust the figures then we will. It is a balancing act of making sure we distribute enough to keep users interested in mining but not too much that it dilutes the distribution and the token goes down in value.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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