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    Platform mining is unavailable for more than 24 hours
    Not mine but I’ve read in the forums that some accounts are being locked out

    It would be good to publish an announcement to provide some clarity. Most of the miners and investors here would be happy to help or give time but we also would like to keep being informed.

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    agreed, I was told it was due to doubling uses each week, however now hearing some can mine, some can’t… I’ve invested cash and hours of mining now I am locked out while others can mine? Why?

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    The users that are still mining found a way around the mining suspension & are doing so against the will of the developers but the mining reward has been reduced to .001JSE. I was told that users found abusing the platform like that face account suspension.

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    Any update regarding when mining will be available again?
    I’ve been testing implementing code into websites and while it’s tracking views, it says hashing 0 despite the browser console reporting blocks and hashes.

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    One of the developers said “we are hoping by the end of the week or earlier” on Discord.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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