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    Hi, not entirely sure how to explain this so please bear with me, and I hope this makes sense!

    I’ve noticed something odd with the 200x increase, I was expecting my new balance to be a whole number as the minimum denomination previously was 0.005 JSE, but my new balance was xxxxx.01 JSE. What I think has happened is this: there were 2 mining rewards of 0.005 JSE that were won just before the increase, but they weren’t applied to my account until after the increase, thus only adding 0.01 to the increased balance instead of 2.0.

    Surely this means some value was lost, as either the rewards should be applied to my previous balance and then increased, or the rewards “in limbo” should be increased 200x and then added to my new increased balance? I know this is only a small amount and it’s not a complaint as such, just alerting you to the fact that a lot of coins have potentially disappeared during the increase, as the rewards that had been won but not applied were not increased along with everything else.

    … also it is sort of triggering my OCD having that .01 on my balance that will never go away as the minimum reward is now 1.0!

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    Hi Ross this was because there was about a five minute gap between when we carried out the inflation and when we increased the mining rewards/affiliate payments. We had to run some tests and check everything was working as we expected before we went on to the next stage of the rollout plan.

    It does mean that for about 5 minutes around 7am on Friday mining rewards were lower relative to the circulating supply. In hindsight we could have perhaps automated some parts of the update to make all this go through at the same time but this would have caused more problems if something had gone wrong and we had to rollback the changes. The update was a tricky one to get right to please everyone but generally I think it went pretty well and should add value to the project in the long-term. I can sympathize with the OCD, you could export a coincode for 0.01 JSE or make a transfer to

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