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    API is getting released tomorrow. Documentation is here for developers: https://jsecoin.com/api/

    NB. You wont find your API keys in the settings until we do the update around 1pm GMT on 11th September.

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    Love the idea of API and developer access. looking forward to see this developed into advanced control in the future and eventually full integration with 3rd party payment systems and checkout processes.
    quick question – what’s the purpose of “Exports coincodes from your account.” or more so clarity on this function, what it is used for.

    aware this is beta etc and I’m keen to test out etc – I assuming long term API development will include more secure method of transfers and related functions eg, using a server side token creation method.

    all in all, Awesome to see development moving forward at the current rate, well done!

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Steve I know we talked about this on the discord channel but I wanted to post it here to in case anyone else is wondering the same thing:

    So one of our publishers wanted to reward his users with JSE, you can export JSE to a coin code give it to the user and they can add it to their account. Makes it a bit easier than transferring if they haven’t setup an account yet or something.
    Bare in mind the person that exports the coincode can still access it until it is used.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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