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    Hi, every time I call the API function for getting the current block ID, it returns the same value, 282574.

    I thought this would return the most recently created block, i.e. as of right now, 317435. It’s like it is stuck and not increasing (block 282574 is from 4th January), surely it should increase every 30 seconds?

    Am I assuming the wrong thing about this function or is it not working correctly?


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    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for alerting us to this, there definitely seems to be a problem. We’ll take a look at this and try to solve the issue asap.


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    If JSECoin is a success, I’ll buy a haircut to Dave, lol!

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    Ha ha, thanks Glemiere 🙂

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    I assume you’re still working on this, but if it helps it does seem to be periodically updating now, but still lags a few hours behind the actual current block. It is now the same day at least but for example I’m currently getting block 323218, which is approx. 6 hours ago.

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    JSE Admin

    Hi just an update that this should now be fixed. It was caused when we removed the global listener for the currentBlockID variable and didn’t update the API accordingly. It’s now fixed and providing the real-time blockID.

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    That’s great, thanks!

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