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    Guido gutierrez

    Hi, my account was blocked/Banned toda y and try to contact on facebook but a bot answer all kind of links but no one work for this topic. Can talk about that here? Wait for your response. Hugs

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    James Bachini

    Hi, do you know why it was blocked?

    If it was fake publisher traffic i.e. PTC, rotator, bots etc. then this would have been picked up and caused the account to be closed.

    I can take a look at the stats and post here if you wish?

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    guido gutierrez

    hmm the image says thismessage of jsecoin on login in and i have a service of traffic thats help me to get work. i do websites and its a sample page. im not shure if it is “Fair or don’t” … never read the policies but is nice if this got an explanation … don’t want to start a fight or something … just want to know what happen. hugs and sorry for your time spend on this thread.

    ps: im from argentina, don’t have a exelent english level but hope you can undestand what im trying to explain. hugs
    ps2: like i say its not the goal set an angry or bad post, its that i choose the title … for other like me can understand and avoid to get this errors or situations.

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    Guido gutierrez

    The only stats i can show is … Hmm … Did you know a-ads? Ok i got an ad space on the same web and obviously got the same traffic so i can let you know the traffic i handle … [Stats of the ad placed on the same web] and well 14k impressions a Day, about 300+ clicks a Day … For the system check can have a “bot or something fraudulent” .

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    The traffic on that a-ads link looks really strange actually. You have 20,000 impressions and 300 unique visitors, also the clicks is very volatile with hundreds some days and none the next. I still can’t locate the JSE account data from this but if it was the same traffic then that’s probably what caused the account to be closed.

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    Guido Gutierrez

    Im constantly improving tips to growing and manage more visits and quality clicks like campaigns on ads publish services and banners exchange with some webs of faucet and blogs so mi webs get traffic and the ads services give me that btc helps to reinvest on publish again … Thats vive me like 12k jsecoi s mined on publish in less than a month .. And ban obviusly. Now the point is … Really ? Its a legit ban??. Dunno. Hugs

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    Guido Gutierrez

    last check jsecoin balance

    last check jsecoin balance

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    Guido gutierrez

    last time i check te balance

    last time i check the balance

    About 1k jsecoin a Day on publish mining

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    Guido gutierrez

    Im waiting for an answer to my ban. . . .

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    See reply on March 6th

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