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    The bounty program is now live and you can make submissions via the platform at

    There’s a BitcoinTalk thread here as well:

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    Ref – Bounty Facebook Groups.

    There are probably users that have joined multiple Crypto / Bitcoin / Airdrop etc Facebook Groups.
    (There are so many nowadays.)

    Could this be included as a reward incentive aside of just profile posts with ‘ x ‘ amount of friends ?

    Multiple group posts by multiple users would increase exposure for JSE + give extra social signals for Domain –


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    Yep agreed that would probably be more valuable than a profile post so I’ve updated the details to include it.


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    Ref – Bounty Facebook Bitcoin / Crypto Groups.

    Some users / marketeers that use facebook groups to promote Bitcoin / Crypto related or general marketing / promotion groups for websites etc might at times post to 10 +++ groups per day if they are promoting something to their interest or benefits them.

    Some of these groups might have between 2000 and 50,000 + members.

    Perhaps x 1 post per week is alittle slim for Bitcoin / Crypto Groups and should be encouraged more as a way of earning JSE for the ICO period.

    Example – if only 25 users post x 5 links per day to earn bounty JSE.

    ( 25 x 5 = 125 promoted links per day x 7 days = 875 post per week = 3500 per month. ) Great exposure and even more social signals.

    ( Perhaps have a fixed rate for groups over 5000 members )

    Perhaps having a couple of Facebook OG Images to choose from – an extra ICO one that displays in Facebook.

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    Rass Illia

    Hello James,

    are a miners/users from Asia (Corean/Japanese) supported for this ICO? And refferal link will be payed from these countries?? Im asking, cause if yes, I will try expand my reflink for these internet communities…

    Kind regards
    Rass I.

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    Hi Rass I,

    Yes Japan and S.Korea are both included in the referral program.

    Thank you for your support

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