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    James Bachini

    Proposal at:

    Main Points:

    • Current affiliate referrals program with payout increase
    • Airdrop, fixed payout, once 7 days before ICO
    • Bounty campaign, payouts throughout ICO
    • Ambassador program to reward contributors beyond standard bounty payments
    • Whale commissions, 1% commission on all investors over $10k

    Please leave comments and suggestions as this is still a work in progress.

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    Richard Jacobs

    Like the idea of this, makes me want to spread the word even more.

    Keep up the great work James, Dave and rest of team!

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    How should I prove blogging, retweets and things. Email you or ??
    / Johan from Sweden

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    I think you pay too much JSE for inviting people. This will totally decrease value of token. Be prepared for fake accounts and such things.

    I know some project (MediBloc) which had similar bounty program and now their coin is worth almost nothing.

    Better to invest money from ICO into real advertising.

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    Thank you Richard!

    Johan, this isn’t live yet we are just offering the proposal to get some feedback. If we go ahead with it then there will be a submissions form where you can send in evidence.

    ShineBro, yes fraud is the big concern with this and we are going to need to expand on the controls we already have in place as the popularity of the project grows. One issue we have is that Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft have all banned cryptocurrency / ICO advertising. There are of course other places to purchase digital advertising such as native ad networks etc. But as you move down the ecosystem it is harder to find pockets of high quality traffic. Also because of the technical requirements (transferring ETH back and forth) for participating in an ICO I think targeting a mainstream audience who aren’t crypto-savvy will be difficult. Targeted advertising at cryptocurrency investors is pure gold but there’s not a lot of it out there and the placements that are good are incredibly expensive because a lot of projects are competing for it. Paid advertising will still play a big part in the ICO campaign don’t get me wrong but this gives us another opportunity to grow the platform and try and reach a point where traction takes over.

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    Nick I

    However, maybe lowering the amount of JSE offered per referral down in increments leading up the ICO. Reason: will inflate the amount of JSE into circulation… maybe lower it down to 175-150 days after advertising so it’s rate of coin introduction is proportional What it is now… also, if ICO price will be @.006, proportional in value to @.005, 175-150 coins would work out fine in valuation. Just my thoughts on this.

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    Aquí esta un pequeño video en español,

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    Actually news that Google blocked ICO advertising is false. I can still see a lot of ads of crypto / ICO.

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