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    It appears there’s a bug with the Mined Today stats in the Dashboard. It looks like it’s adding a few days worth of mining. For example, I’m being told that I have 17 JSE mined today, but if I look at the balance from 24 hours ago, I really only have around 3 mined during today (GMT time).

    Is anyone else seeing this?

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    Yea, same here..
    They are aware of it, already reported on discord

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    I think this is fixed now but 3 days data have gone into a single day. It was caused by the firebase outage which we had no control over and affected Google’s entire firebase network.

    Full discussion from Discord:
    Hey guys thanks for reporting this. I’ve looked into it and how it works is that every 24 hrs the server copies today’s earnings across to daily stats. It looks like for some reason that didn’t happen yesterday. We haven’t made any changes to that module for a while but did reset the controller server when firebase went down which I am guessing is what caused the issue. The stat charts on the blockexplorer are stuck on the 27th as well which coincides with the failure on the firebase platform. I’ve double checked the code and reset the server again. Timer is currently counting down to midnight correctly so it should reset in about seven hours time. 12:10am GMT to be precise. It’s one of those that I can’t find a bug for, so am not sure if the issue is solved or not. Will have to wait and see as testing in the local environment isn’t going to tell us much. Hopefully it was something caused by me resetting the server during the firebase outage and the old turn it off then on again trick will fix everything. If the stats don’t reset at midnight I’ll push out a manual operation tomorrow morning.
    This is still an issue. Think firebase is restricting something it wasn’t before they went down on the 27th. Going to try and update the database manually and see what happens
    OK this was fixed it was caused by some data corruption when firebase went down. Nothing serious but means the stats for the last 3 days have all gone into one day. This is just reporting stats, earnings haven’t been affected.

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    Cool. I see it updated now. Thanks for the quick reply.

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