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    • 1.Can i mine self as well as publisher same time
    • 2.What if i start self mining and along with surfing on web and one website mine JSE coin and i visit it then any affect on the earning on self mining and publisher mining
    • 3.If two publisher site open in different browser then how earning distributed or which one get priority
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    Hi Reboo,

    1) yes this is fine if you have a website with the publisher code on you can also self-mine at the same time if you wish.

    2) you just wont earn anything because it will be a duplicate user. So you can have the publisher code on a website because the visitors to that website will be different users and will earn JSE for mining. If you try and mine on your own website there wont be any benefit.

    3) If it’s the same user then whichever publisher site was visited first will be credited.

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    First posting here. Just reading an article from planning to allow readers to opt in to background crypto mining in lieu of advertising. Sounds like this is what your plans are as well. Hope this ICO launches soon enough so we don’t miss the train. Seems like others are willing to use background mining instead of ads. Even Chrome is launching an update today to limit the amount of ads appearing on its browser.

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    Hi Roy, the chrome ad blocker is a big shake up for the ad-tech industry. I think it is going to benefit us but I can’t say that I like the idea of them controlling the digital ad industry in this way. You can guarantee the content network banners and 90% of page search ads wont be blocked. We saw the thing about Salon as well, it’s a strong move from them. I visited their site yesterday but couldn’t see any mining running so I wasn’t sure if they were only doing it as a backup when a visitor has an ad blocker or they intend to release it instead of or in addition to ads for all users. They are a big publisher so it’s nice to see the industry moving in that direction anyway.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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