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    few months ago i was busy with mining jsecoins. Today i decided to look if something has changed and i entered the platform mining, clicked log in button but nothing happened. I don’t see any form to fill my login in. When i click log in it is like i would just hit refresh.

    What is wrong? I have tested it on both chrome and firefox with same result.
    I am from Belgium

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    Hi Damian it could be something blocking the servers perhaps. If you got to do you see a bunch of stats code?

    The login at is working so it might be an antivirus or adblocker issue.

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    Everything seems to be working now. It had to be something with my av or adblocker.

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    Anish Mahanta

    I’m unable to log into platform mining from my Google Chrome browser. I’ve disabled the adblocker but he problem still persists.

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    Hi Anish,

    There was a short period of downtime for the system last night. The issue is being investigated but is all corrected and you should now be able to access the platform. Any further issues please let me know.

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    Hi all,
    i have a problem login to my account. had created this account several months ago and was a “heavy” miner. Unfortuantelly i´m not able to login because i have lost my password. if i click on forgot password and put my mail and click send my inbox is empty but also my spamfolder. Last password reset was on 17.04. and on this day it was working. E-Mail from you was received without any problem. What can i do?

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    Hi Frank,

    If you complete our contact form here using the email address registered to your account we can take a look into that for you.

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    Thanks! Have send a request, also via discord channel.

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    I finally confirmed email and was mining then jsecoin website logged me out now I can not log back in. I keep getting error in credentials message. Can you help me?

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    Also password reset email has not come to my inbox or spam.

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    Contact form is not working either. 🙁

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    Hi Luke,

    You definitely shouldn’t just be logged out of th eplatform. The 2 common reasons users find that cause this are;

    – Refreshing the page to check on earnings. By refreshing you are effectively leaving the page and reentering and so will be required to log in again. This is a fairly standard security feature.

    – You are signing into your account on a second device. Users are limited to one device, and as soon as a second login is made you will be logged out of the first account.

    Regarding the password reset email, please could you try adding and try requesting the password reset code again.

    Regarding the contact form, is there an error message you are receiving? I’ve just tested the form and it is working fine here.


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    Thanks so much for your reply. Yes I am still getting the error in credentials email or password message and the contact form will not allow me to send a message also. I have sent three password resets and still nothing. Everything was going great before this now I don’t know what to do. It is also hard to contact you as I don’t use social media. Is there anyway to raise a ticket from here? I have tried everything.

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    Hi Luke,

    If you send an email to i’ll take a look into this for you. If you can use the email address that you have used to register your account. In the email if you can just confirm that you have added to your email address book, and also if there are any error messages when you try and use the contact form.


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    Thank you so much.

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