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    JSE Admin

    We will be closing the current Pre-ICO funding round at midnight GMT on the 4th December.

    Full details are here:

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped fund the projects development.

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    tushar grover

    i dont have btc/eth and my bank card dont work with paypal
    so can i buy with payoneer or any other method.
    i am from india.

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Tushar,

    I think has options for payoneer. You could purchase bitcoin using your preferred method and then transfer it from there.

    Kind regards,


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    A couple of questions to the founders to JSEcoin.

    1.) How should a webmaster of a site mitigate shorttimed visitors, or if the website visitors is not idling on same page for very long times, perhaps they are navigating around on different product pages.

    2.) It’s look problematic that uBlock and several anti virus softwares isn’t allowing JSEcoin web miners to execute. What are your thoughts in this topic?

    3.) What if everything goes well, whats actually making value in the JSEcoin exchange rate?

    4.) The coins are generated by website visistors, webmasters gets rich. Who want this currency? What can we do with JSEcoins? Should JSEcoins be used in all-day “VISA” payments around the world or should every JSEcoin be withdrawn as bitcoins in order to pay for stuff people want to buy?

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    JSE Admin

    1) This is going to be difficult because there is a approximately a 15 second delay before the mining starts working so we can wait for the page to load on slower sites and display the privacy notice.

    2) It’s an issue. We have built a node module that scans blacklists and reports any that flag jsecoin servers. We are putting together a formal procedure and CRM type system where we can track communications with the anti-virus and ad blocking companies. This is going to be an ongoing effort to differentiate our system from the hidden background miners.

    3) To start with I’m sure it will be 99% speculation (like every cryptocurrency right now). Long term we have these plans:

    4) Kind of explained in the article above too. Basically we want to create a cryptocurrency platform for webmasters to monetize their sites and then leverage that exposure to reach a mainstream audience. The merchant tools we will be releasing will allow for webmasters to accept payments/subscriptions in JSE creating long-term demand on the exchanges.

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    Will you be offering another pre ico funding round in the future?

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Brandon,

    We haven’t made any plans at this stage but I wouldn’t rule it out completely either. We have enough funds now to complete the platform and integrate a smart contract which is our current development plan. When we are closer to ICO we will calculate the costs involved (as these seem to change daily with the price of Bitcoin) and see if it would be beneficial/necessary to carry out another funding round prior to the ICO and exchange listing.

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