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    Hello! I recently discovered this great project and I want to implement the code on my website. I have tested and works pretty good.

    But there’s a problem. All of you know about the problems from other known mining javascripts (CoinHive), that makes the visitors run away from your site because when they open the Task Manager, see a 90% or more use of CPU.

    I know JSECoin it’s different, that’s why I’m here. I really like the idea and all of the work done by the you guys, but…

    When I see the message “This site is supported by JSECoin…”, maybe my visitors don’t understand how it works, because my site is in Spanish language. So, maybe they will think it’s something like CoinHive or other high consumption CPU script.

    Is there any chance to customize partially the message when someone joins to my site? I know this maybe will make a misleading information from some owners (saying that is not mining) but I think this can be regulated. This helps from people to understand what and how JSECoin works, differentiating from cryptonight browser miners.

    Another question is, what happend if I’m surfing 2 websites that is JSECoin implemented? For who would I mining?

    Thank you, keep working on this great project!

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    Hi Jejox14

    We can’t really allow publishers to modify the privacy notification because it would get abused and we’d need to check every individual publishers site (16k+ of them) and then decide if what they are doing is OK or not and meets legal requirements. The privacy notification will be displayed in the language the web browser is set to. So if an Italian goes on a Spanish website the privacy notification will pop up in Italian. Part of the project is to raise the profile of web browser based altcoin mining and publishers play a big part in that to show people that there isn’t necessarily anything to be concerned about. I hope that as the project gets bigger people will become more and more familiar with mining notifications in the same way we are with cookie notifications now.

    If someone opens two sites with JSEcoin running within a short space of time only the webmaster from the first site will be credited with a lottery ticket. This is to prevent someone using a lot of sub-domains or something like that to try and game the system. Additionally the majority of the CPU/hashing power will always go to the tab in focus. Background tabs have processing restrictions passed down at browser level which we have no control of.

    Sorry the bit about the privacy notification probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear but I hope this answers your questions.

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    Hello, thank you for your reply.

    Don’t worry about the language thing, I will make a post for all of the info that my visitors need in order to understand how JSE Coin works.

    I knew about the focus tab because the webminer works in that way too. It is good to know how works in 2 or more sites simultaneously.

    Very good wishes for this project! It will be a honor to participate in some way.

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