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    JSE Admin

    OK to get this thread started does anyone have any suggestions for future developments.

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    Just testing the anonymous forum posts. We will need to put some kind of spam prevention in place for this I think.

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    Being able to update my profile within my account would be useful

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    A dismissable version of the notification about jsecoin mining on the websites that can set cookies to remember a user’s preference would be nice, also the popup looks 1995 in style, maybe allow us to create a custom coded version as long as it contains {required_element} tags?

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Peter we will have the profile info update in the next version released next week. Howard we are going to redesign the pop up to bring it a bit more up to date. I’ll post some designs on the forums once we have them available. One suggestions was just a 100% width thin bar across the bottom of the page which will look a bit more modern. Regarding customization it’s an area we are nervous about for legal reasons, we really need the notice to be displayed prominently so users know what is going on. The current version already has cookes (localStorage) enabled which sets it too off if they click don’t show and will only pop up once per hour if not so it doesn’t get too annoying as they browse through a site.

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    R squared

    i curious if there is a way to mine while a person is watching netflix with a roku, or gaming on a ps4? just curious

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    JSE Admin

    I haven’t tested it on a roku or ps4 but as long as you can bring a web page up it should work I think. Possibly the device will suspend the browser when you switch back to watching a program though. Try it and let us know how you get on.

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    I have recently started platform mining, I don’t understand stand really how browser usage and hash rate works but just going to pop the question any way…

    does the display of your hash rate (and generally having the whole mining page open for reading) deduct from my potential hash rate?

    If so, is it possible to programme a pop up display (upon clicking the start mining button) that can come to the fore front of the browser and reduce (or hide) other background usage while displaying on screen? Therefore allowing more usage to mine, still showing the same information just in a minimised (widget kind of) format, If you get what I mean?

    Just an idea, wether it’s viable I don’t know but any how, what are your thoughts?

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    Hi, i created some logo suggestion as to what i have read in previous threads that you might update the logo.. here is my first try.

    since the platform is making use of nodejs i kinda get some idea on it’s logo.

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    I actually like that logo

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    I think that’s really great thank you. I’ll get John who’s much better at design than me to take a look and see if we can update ours to something like this. Thanks again for doing this!

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    Perhaps it might be a good idea to add a direct link page (with a warning on the page of course) so that people can easily mine with auto traffic exchanges. Someone with an old $10 thin client could mine simply by running a few exchanges.

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