do we benefit for more than 12k hps?

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    joseph fogas

    If I understand the lottery system correct, and only one hash per 30 second block is needed….. Is there really a point in increasing the 12k h/s limit?

    I remember in another thread you were talking about maybe upping it since the servers weren’t bogged down… It just got me wondering if there was a point in more h/s… if not, why even push the servers?

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    No there’s no benefit to earnings because of the one ticket per block rule and at 12k hps you’d have to be pretty unlucky not to find a hash in every block. We’ve left it at that for now.

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    Doug Wolfgram

    My system stopped generating any tokens earlier today, about 5 hours ago. I am still seeing hashes being found. Currently, after restarting, I see 23 hashes found and still no earnings. Is this normal? I thought .001 increments came in faster than this. I used to make about 1JSE per day. Now it is down to .4 -.6. Thanks for any insight.

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    Doug Wolfgram

    Disregard. It kicked in again at 51 hashes found. 🙂

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    Hi Doug, one thing to note is that the longer you leave a system logged in the longer it will take to refresh the balance. We do this to balance load and if someone has a system logged in for 24hrs+ they probably don’t need the balance refreshing every 2mins.

    So when you first log in the balance will refresh at 120 second intervals then 30 seconds are added every cycle.

    This doesn’t affect your earnings in any way, just that new earnings wont be displayed until the next refresh.

    I think in the next update we will change this system to update on every reward so it’s more real time and give a little mining reward notification on the screen.

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    Ah this explains why Im seeing low results on my 24/7 machine.
    It needs to be restarted to get the updated result then.

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    Not Restarted Just a good ole F5 Will help :p

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