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    So again, why did I invest some money in this coin which will be a year ago come October give or take? Early investors took a chance on something that was much less of a sure thing than now, hence should have been rewarded for it. I could have saved my money and just bought in now. Makes no sense and why I really dont give a crap about this coin/project/whatever anymore. Whoever made that decision is an idiot. I would have invested much more but after seeing that I am moving on to better things. I also tried helping in other ways thinking early investors would be rewarded. not so. Management has issues. Don’t bother with the canned BS reply, I don’t care.

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    There was 200x coin multiply in April to every platform user. So I guess you have same amount invested then as if you would invest now / even little bit more. Check your balance now and divide it with 0.006…bla bla bla…hope you are good at math.


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    Yeah you missed the point entirely. The POINT is that people that invest early should have been given 2 or 3X the amount as anyone investing now. That’s the whole point of an EARLY investor. They are taking a chance and the chance should be rewarded which in this case it’s not. Thanks for the advice on math etc I already know about the “coin multiply” but thanks for pointing out the obvious.

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    This was a post from the early investment period

    “We have enough funds now to complete the platform and integrate a smart contract which is our current development plan. When we are closer to ICO we will calculate the costs involved (as these seem to change daily with the price of Bitcoin) and see if it would be beneficial/necessary to carry out another funding round prior to the ICO and exchange listing.”

    So essentially the early investors helped fund a lot of this and get zero thanks for it. Also the early whitepaper from months ago said the tiers would be something starting at 1.50-2.00 based on the then 1.00 price which is 50%-100% higher than what it actually is. I am almost hoping this fails and don’t care about my minimal investment just so the greedy management gets what they deserve.

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    Do you have a personal agenda or something? So much negativity.

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    Personal agenda? Yes, can you read? I invested in this. Got nothing for investing early. Clear enough…or maybe you need to go back and take 3rd grade reading comprehension over.

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    For someone that is saying that you are moving on to better things, you are still spending quite some time on this project.
    I agree with JustWondering, it sounds like you have a personal agenda (no, I am not referring to your investment here as I can read!).
    Why the negativity. Your ‘can you read?’ and ‘take 3rd grade reading’ are not very constructive, nor is it helping the discussion whether the reward for early investors should be higher or not.

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    Hi Ian I understand your frustration that the token hasn’t done 2x – 3x price increase yet. The reason we set the pricing at only 20% more than the pre-ICO price for the smart contract was that we needed to keep the pricing attractive to investors while also keeping it above the pre-ICO. There is a balance there and obviously we can’t please everyone. I’m not sure how this was greedy of management, obviously the higher the price of the token the better it is for us too. Our interests are aligned in that regard.

    The good news is that once the ICO is finished we will be applying for exchange listing. From that point on the price of JSE will be determined by the open market.

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