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    Hi Team

    You previously asked for potential equity investors to contact you.

    I am intrigued as to the structure of any underlying company or entity that may have ownership or control over the product in some way.

    Is this similar to some other crypto projects whereby your team are retained / contracted to develop the product ? In which case maybe the equity investment you are looking for is in respect of this development company.

    As individual coin holders are we not the sole owners of the JSE Coin product?

    Also, just wanted to say that I am really impressed with everything that your team have achieved so far with the JSE Coin project. This is a serious competitor to Google Adsense in a huge market.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Team

    Please can you let me know if there is any update on my previous question.

    Many thanks


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    Hi Bluerivercard,

    The JSEcoin limited company is made up of 1000 shares of which myself and the other three co-founders hold 100%. We never have sold any equity in the company to date and this is not something we are currently considering. Ownership of JSEcoin tokens does not provide any equity in the company, this is very important as the tokens should not be viewed as ownership of an underlying security for tax and legal reasons. We did advertise for equity investors when we first started as this would have been a good time to get a large injection of cash in the business which would have kickstarted things somewhat quicker. We did not receive any considerable offers but have now got sufficient funding and have what we need in place to continue development of the project and platform.

    Our aim is to have the company control and manage the project as a central body. This will make things move faster and more efficiently compared to distributed autonomous organizations. The company will live or die on the success of the ICO and exchange listing next year. If things go well then the value of JSE on exchanges will be high and all stake holders will benefit. ICO funds can then be used to build the company and user base to be as successful as possible. This in turn will raise the demand and price for JSE on exchange benefiting all stakeholders. I feel our interests are directly aligned with investors. The only exception to this I have found so far is that we perhaps do have more of a long-term vision that we are working towards where as investors would obviously like things to happen as fast as possible, for good reason as no one knows what the cryptocurrency markets will be doing next week/month/year.

    I’m personally not a fan of how traditional cryptocurrencies lack direction and management. Updates seem to take months if not years and then when they get voted in or out some party throws their toys out of the pram and hard forks the system to create their own project. Having a company maintain control of the codebase (all be it open-sourced and open to community development) will help us compete in the medium-term with other cryptocurrency projects. A cynical person might say that cryptocurrency should be trustless and have no central authority. I think for the majority of consumers who are used to trusting companies with their personal data/money/lives if we act ethically and professionally we should be building trust with consumers rather than avoiding it completely. We are not evil or money grabbing or Skynet, we are trying to build the best and most successful platform and business we can.

    Thank you for the kind words, we still have a long way to go and a lot of work to do before Adsense start to consider us a serious competitor. However I believe this project does have potential to offer major disruption to the digital advertising industry.

    I’d be interested to hear any thoughts you have on the company setup and investors opinions on equity sales in general as this may or may not come up again at a later date if a large company wants to partner with us and take a stake in the business.

    P.S. Apologies for taking so long to answer your question, I must have missed it the first time you posted.

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    Hi James,

    Thank you very much for such an informative and comprehensive post.

    I agree that the centralised company and governance structure will help to drive the project forward in a more focused and efficient way.

    Crypto purists would disagree with this model but for me, JSECoin is not a standard peer to peer cash transfer project in the same way that the vast majority of other Bitcoin clones are.

    I am confident that the JSECoin product is a potential disrupter in the multi billion dollar online advertising industry.

    Although I have no doubt that you are in this for the long term, I wonder if going for the ICO sooner rather than later would improve the chances of raising the maximum amount of money needed to fully develop the product over the next few years.

    For me the current ICO market feels like it is approaching saturation with Bitcoin peer to peer cash transfer clones and smart contract type products which are still unproven in terms of real life applications. JSECoin seems different in that it is already up and running and a genuine solution to the real life problem of annoying and intrusive advertising banners (google adsense etc.).

    The additional risk of a further regulatory clampdown on ICO’s is another reason why an earlier date may be preferable.

    Many thanks


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    Yes this is very true. The biggest risk I see is that if/when Bitcoins price crashes it will take all the altcoins with it and the money going in to ICO’s will dry up too. If the price even dropped down to say $5k it would lead to all kinds of “told you so”, “bitcoins dead” type articles and this would lead to further fear and withdrawals from the market by amateur investors who have never experienced a real bear market. Hopefully this never happens and it’s equally plausible that total market cap across all cryptocurrency reaches 5 trillion or roughly 10x what it is today meaning more institutional investor accepting it as a valid investment vehicle.

    We are doing things slightly differently, a few years back you could ICO with a whitepaper and a single team member that had some industry experience or had worked on other projects. Now that’s getting harder to do as so many ICO’s are being released every month. We have a platform already but it isn’t a finished product. I know with software development there is no such thing as a finished product but at the moment there is no way for investors to see how demand will be created for the currency. We want to make fundamental improvements to the platform first and release key features such as merchant tools that will be critical to the success of the project.

    The userbase is still growing (without paid advertising now) and I expect by the time we get to ICO we should have at least 100k users. Having a tangible product that is being used by a substantial amount of users should help us stand out from all the ICO’s that have been rushed to market on a recent technology fork or haven’t actually built anything. We only get one shot at the ICO and it’s critical we raise enough funds to build a business and the best possible development team as well as paying for things like exchange listing fees and future marketing costs. I think we need to raise at least seven figures to consider it a success and give us a good chance of one day reaching a critical mass of mainstream users. There’s definitely more market risk the longer we take to get there but I think this is offset by the potential to have the largest impact possible with a “finished product” and substantial user base.

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    i think its better to go to market with a standalone product with better features than its competitor to give investors a reason to invest and later other minor updates and features can be released so its worth while to take time before ico happens because market is flooded with crap coins and if doesn’t stand out jse would not make in top 10.

    being said that i am very optimistic about jsecoin platform for future.
    maybe it can give very strong competition to Adsense till 2020 which can lead to Google buying it completely at very nice price as its already making big investments in blockchain tech since 2012 http://marketrealist.com/2018/01/alphabets-google-among-leading-blockchain-investors/

    and i think their are chances for new coins like jsecoin and many more to lead the market and over power bitcoin in coming years as many distruptions are having in blockchan and related tech and new coins are born out of them besides the bitcoin just like facebook was born after myspace,apple was born after blackberry and nokia and many such examples where second generation products are leading the market.

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    Perhaps we are starting to see this already with Bitcoins market dominance dropping to below 35% for the first time ever I believe.

    Bitcoin Dominance

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    I totally agree. JSECoin is the only useful crypto around, and killing those annoying ads is such a holy mission (alleluia). Let’s KILL THEM ALL. è_é
    Also blockchain is like everything, better when it’e web based 😀

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