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    It’d be really cool to make events for special days like Christmas / New Year etc where there is twice as much coins available for example!
    Possible ? 😀

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    joseph fogas

    and we should retroactive this for christmas and new years 🙂

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    Do you think there would be a direct benefit to anyone other than the miners though? We would have to justify it for investors and other stake holders as well. If there was an increase in the userbase or engagement then such a promotion wouldn’t be a problem. Someone suggested a lottery based system where once a month or every x number of blocks the last miner to get rewarded gets an extra 100 JSE or something like that. People love lotteries and I think this might be a way to encourage users that aren’t happy about only earning 0.x JSE / day (when 3 months ago they were earning more because there was less competition) to continue mining if they have a chance of winning big. I’m not sure about the legislation, I don’t think it could be considered gambling because there is no up front payment and all we would be doing is adjusting the mining payout randomly.


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    I root for the lottery system!!!

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    The lottery is superfluous. Borrow better with marketing to increase popularity and prices. Then everyone will be happy even from a small mining.

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    glemiere has great contributions in this forum but i do not support this one idea. Nor only for the reasons stated. International coins should not be related to religious holidays.

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    The lottery is a nice system, but we could make something even better. You recently spoke about adding games to the platform. This is where miners should be able to earn more. I don’t think it would be considered gambling since no fiat currencies are used, but it might not be true in every countries. Here would be a perfect solution to not have to care about this annoying detail :

    You recently moved to It’s the perfect technology to start making games on the platform. You could open a game once a week for example 😉

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    Why are you pushing the people to gamble tho?
    A randomize reward would suffice instead of having the miners to gamble.

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    Or maybe some reward for users who have been mining for every day during the past week/month/year and so on. This kind of reward system would keep us motivated and busy.

    For example:

    1 jsecoin for mining x hours per day for one week
    5 jsecoins for mining x hours per day for one week
    100 jsecoins for mining x hours per day for one week

    Of course the amount of rewarded coins should be tied to their rising value somehow…

    Or instead of jsecoins we could get some free tickets/treasure chests that we could use in the platform games to have a higher possibility to win something…..


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    100 jsecoins for mining x hours per day for one YEAR

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    5 jsecoins for mining x hours per day for one month


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