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    Zack Sabag

    When will JSE Coin be released to the market? Exact date if possible.

    Also, what price will it open at? 1$ a coin?

    Sorry not sure pre-ico’s work. Thanks in advance.


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    Zack Sabag

    Not sure how *pre-icos work

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Zack,

    We haven’t set an exact date yet as there is still a lot to do in preparation. It will be in 2018 at some point. The ICO price will be above $1, more details in the whitepaper at

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    Will be self-mining still available after JSE going on market?

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    JSE Admin

    Sure I don’t see any reason to remove it as it’s a very popular feature of the platform.

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    May I know if price will be effected also by number of people that mine coin?

    Is this true if more people mine coin, then more is worth? Or is this totally false information?

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    JSE Admin

    I would imagine it will be highly correlated, in theory the more value there is to be gained from mining the more people will be drawn to the opportunity.

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    Zack Sabag


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    Zack Sabag

    I never posted the above link. Why is someone using my name?

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    i hope the JSE Coin i can found on cryptopia, nice market there

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    When it does go to exchange, any sensible guesses on what an open market price might arrive at by the end of the first week ?

    It would be interesting to read this post again after that date…. 🙂

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    I wouldn’t like to even guess

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    My guess – $0.01 to $0.08

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    Kadek Ariasa

    Jse coin rilis market?

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    Which referral code is the correct one that I should be using for 200 Jse coins because I’ve referred usIng 3 different referral codes and none of them have worked

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