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    I have pitched to a bunch of people about JSE and how they should get in on it (and give me my referrals) lol.

    but despite what I tell them it is about, how its a genius platform, and how they will be kicking themselves in the future like we are now with bitcoin.. I can’t seem to generate interest.

    What are some ways you guys have pitched and sold JSE to a new user?

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    That this cryptocurrency could eventually make it so ads are obsolete, instead of advertising, sites could now have visitors mine the coin in the background while on their site instead of having ads everywhere.

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    joseph fogas

    oh i have. i think i just need new friends

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    joseph fogas

    I think i’ll hit up a wordpress fourum

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    Hi Joseph,

    I think it appeals first and foremost to webmasters because they will have a better understanding of the technology behind it and the potential of the project. For mainstream users I believe that the self-mining really helps get people interested and involved. There’s a lot of noise at the moment with Bitcoin’s price exploding and new ICO’s every day so I think a lot of people are bored of hearing people talk about it, especially if they feel they have already missed out on the opportunity. I have found the best policy is just to explain what we are trying to do and if someone’s interested suggest trying out the platform and self-mining. An elevator pitch would be something along the lines of “Cryptocurrency built for the web where it’s mined and transactions are signed within a web browser”.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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