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    Is the system still under maintenance? I am stuck on 500 hp/s and am not receiving hashes. The graph is moving but nothing is happening and the message center says “Click the start mining button” even though the miner is running.

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    Nevermind. Cleared my cache and all is working well. Hash rates are booming. Thanks for the update!

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    JSE Admin

    Yep I changed the version number on the javascript file so it should load automatically after a refresh now.

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    I noticed max hp/s seems to be capped at 10K now. Is that intentional? I’m still getting a way better average than before the update but I was getting over 20K now it’s maxed at 10K

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    I noticed that too. My hashrate is capped to 12000 early i was able to get 20-25k with 55k peak. Why is that?

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    Yep we initially capped it at 10k, now moved it up to 12k. Will give it a week probably at that and then maybe move it up again if we don’t experience any load issues with the servers.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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