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    I am running code on my website and it says that I have found 4 hashes from users being on that page, but I have only received 0.005 coins from this.

    How many coins are earned from 1 hash?


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    JSE Admin

    Hi dev_g,

    Each hash gets you entered into a lottery based system. There are 1440 coins distributed to the publishers each day. And there is roughly 10 million unique visitors a day at the moment so the coins are distributed quite widely across the publisher base. So what I am trying to say is that there is no direct fixed amount like 1 hash = 1 JSE. It depends on how many miners are online at the time when your visitor browsed and if your “lottery ticket” from the submitted hash is drawn as part of the 50 per block (30 second intervals between draws) that get rewarded with JSE.

    Does this make sense? Not sure I’ve explained it particularly well. There’s some more info on mining rewards here:

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    10 million uniques per day?…with that traffic volume Alexa ranking would place you in top 1000 websites…you are ranked as 62,951st at the moment, where are domains with about 20k uniques per day…
    I am a little bit concerned because of this…

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    Hi Vojcha,

    So I’ve not explained this well. Our mining code gets ten million uniques a day not our website which is what Alexa would rank. So the javascript snippet is put on 3rd party websites to carry out mining. I assume Alexa rankings don’t take that into account when calculating their rankings.

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