How can the traffic on a website be proportional to the quantity mined ?

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    Alright, I’m really not an expert, i’ve discovered JSEcoin recently but from what I read, I don’t understand how we can use traffic of an important amount of people to make the earning from mining proportional to the popularity of our website.

    If we can have only one account, and we get a lottery ticket every 30 sec at max, whether we have 2 people or 2 millions people browsing our website at the same time, we’ll earn roughly the same, won’t we? Even if the mining of the users do stack up, the only bonus we’ll have is that we will be assured to have a ticket every 30 sec compared to someone who could miss some hashes from time to time if he has a rather low traffic, but that would be far from be proportional, and would be capped very quickly since after a few people browsing on the website, any additional user would mine for nothing (only 1 ticket used every 30 sec, no matter what).

    How is that fair but more importantly viable for high traffic websites who want to be paid according to their popularity? If we can achieve the same thing by mining ourselves with one computer at ~12000 hashes/sec, what the point of using traffic from our website?

    Thank you.

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    Hi David,

    I believe publisher rewards are solely based on unique user opt-ins, so basically it doesn’t matter how many hashes your visitors produce. (Still a bit confused by this; as it feels like getting paid to travel to work, but not for the actual work done 🙂 )

    I think it limits 1 ticket per unique opt-in (platform mining limits to 1 ticket per account), which would mean it would be possible for one site to get multiple lottery tickets / rewards if there were more opt-ins in the same 30 seconds.

    Opt-in’s are network wide, so if a visitor already opted-in on another site in the past 6 hours, you won’t get a ticket.

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    Hi David,

    So the publisher pool works a little bit differently to the self mining pool. As Rob mentioned the rewards algorithm is closely linked to the number of unique optins a website gets. This means a large site with lots of users will earn more than a site that doesn’t get very many visitors.

    With the paid to travel to work vs doing the work thing this is true as well and a good analogy. I think the system we have at the moment isn’t perfect and could be improved further but we don’t want to go more towards a proof of work type algorithm because it would be susceptible to higher powered mining equipment etc. I think the number of unique users is a fair way to distribute the rewards to webmasters and unique opt-ins improves on that because it increases rewards for sites with real users and reduces the rewards for sites with bots etc.

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    Hi James,

    Could a single account earn multiple tickets in one block if there were multiple unique opt-ins within 30 seconds? Or is it limited to 1 ticket per account? And what if there are multiple sites linked to an account?

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    Alright it makes more sense i guess, thanks.

    “Opt-in’s are network wide, so if a visitor already opted-in on another site in the past 6 hours, you won’t get a ticket.”

    If that means what i think it means, isn’t that a massive issue for mass adoption? It means that a visitor won’t be mining for a website if he mined for another website in the past 6 hours… Don’t we want the earnings to be effective as soon as a visitor is browsing our website ? Because then what if a visitor goes to website A for 1 min, then browses website B for 3h, the website B won’t get any earnings from the visitor? Can’t we have the website B mining as soon as visitor closes the window from website A? (but then what if both windows are open at the same time?)
    Also i have no idea where that 6 hours time lapse comes from, why 6 hours?

    Sorry for the questions, I did say i was no expert. I read Whitepaper but i didn’t find the answers there.

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    Hello James
    I am writing from Venezuela, we are currently developing a web portal for the management of remittances here, I am very interested in your project, so I need to explain what is the best way to integrate it into my wesite.
    I understand that it is a platform (even not an alcoin), that allows you to monetize a wesite. In the same way, I have an interest in knowing when they have estimated becoming an ICO,

    thanks greetings

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