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    Today i received a message from Rakuten Linkshare that my account is terminated. I am a long term affiliate earned tens of thousands of $ through their network and drove hundreds of thousands in sales for them every year. On one of my smaller sites, where ironically i drove no sales for rakuten linkshare yet, i also mined JSE. I think in total what i mined is worth $3.

    I can safely say that using JSE has ruined my online business. I am not a person who gives up. I take the hit and move on and rebuild. Let me just warn you, using JSE is not safe for other monetization options.

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    I hear you man, its tough. The cryptojacking reputation is pretty bad and almost no one sees it as legitimate. It might just end up not working as a means to monetize websites. Its a shame, because the idea sounds good in theory, but it just might not work out because everyone thinks of it as malware and the world is moving toward blocker software rapidly.

    I don’t much like any of the online social coins. BAT token is okay, but not great. Steem requires that you invest a lot of money into it before you can tip anyone significantly with your upvote and for your own profit you need to upvote yourself, have lots of very devoted fans with money or essentially sell your soul to a whale for upvotes. All the BCH social sites are lame too, no real profits there, just pay to have a voice when every other site on the whole internet lets you speak for free… Clearly a dumb model.

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    It could end up very cool though – The most successful businesses tend to have moats. JSE, being an honest Miner may be just the ticket; especially, since they’re challenging the malware sensors, lazy nets. Lazy fishermen kill all the fish in the name of efficiency. Smart fishermen arrange their nets to leave the precious sea-life free. JSE is forcing accountability to reason instead of witchcraft.

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    James Bachini

    Rakuten Linkshare wouldn’t terminate your account because of having mining scripts enabled surely??

    I scanned through their terms and couldn’t find any mention of crypto or mining:-

    I can’t see any reason why a network would terminate your account for this. Have you tried contacting a rep and asking why your account was terminated?

    Could you provide some feedback just to set other users minds at ease once you’ve contacted them.

    Thank you

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