How much USD is 1 JSE coin worth?

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    Simon Wolf

    I could not find no matter how hard I looked how much US currency one JSE coin is worth, does anybody have this information?

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    Pre-ICO token value is 1$ for 1JSE.
    JSECoin isn’t listed on exchange yet, so it’s going to keep this theoretical value until then.

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    Yep during the last funding round we priced it at 1:1 with the USD. After we list on exchange it will be decided by the open market.

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    when’s the estimated date to be listed?

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    Nick I

    7 hours and 42 minutes

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    Hi it will be later this year after the ICO. We are finalising the ICO plans/terms at the moment and this should be announced soon, although I would still like to get more of the dev work finished before we announce exact dates.

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    Justin Nahin

    Sounds great! In the meantime, I’ll be stocking up JSE coins like a mad man.

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    I hope now price will be atleast 0.10$ per JSE. This will make all us rich fucks (at least in my country) 🙂

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    Will be also Pre ICO inflated?

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    Hi Dennis, yes anyone that invested at Pre-ICO will also have their holdings inflated. If you log in to the platform you should now see this reflected in the account.

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    After the inflation x 200 per original coin, is there and estimated new ICO price for general public and approx date for this ?


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    Estimated price at ICO is 0.006 USD / token. Date for this hasn’t been announced or finalized yet but we are looking at this summer.

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    And when we will know date?

    To get good value of token mining should’t be easy or highly rewarded 🙂

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    0.000000000000000000001 usd

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    wow can you sell before ICO
    i have over 15k in JSEcoin
    and can you transfer to a friend

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