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    Hello guys,

    I have wordpress website and i want to remove This site is supported by JSEcoin from the bottom of my pages.

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    That’s not possible Deepak. The whole point is that you ask people for consent. If you do not understand why you should read more about JSEcoin and its purpose. The consent is also the main reason JSEcoin is not blocked by anti virus programs, browsers etc. So what you are asking for is contradictory to the idea of the coin. There are other coins you can mine without user consent, be aware that you do harm to your users this way, you lose credibility and you contribute to the bad reputation of cryptocurrency.

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    Yes we don’t offer any hidden background mining, we see this as unethical and legally questionable.

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    John Camacho

    Hi, I have the same problem on a client’s site. We don’t know where the popup is actually coming from and there are no JSEcoin plugins in wordpress. The site is

    How do I get rid of the popup?


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    Hi John,

    I see the following line on the 3rd row when opening the developer tool in Chrome
    <script type="text/javascript" defer="" async="" src=""></script>

    Find where that line is added to the page, and you’ll be able to get rid of the popup by removing the line.

    Think it could be either embedded in your template files or added with a widget or plug-in which enables to add code to the header of the page.

    Hope that helps,

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    John, did you install a plugin or agree to have JSE on your site. If not we will communicate with the publisher that set up this code and find out why it is being run on your site without authorization.

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    Hi James,
    Maybe it’s an idea to only allow the code to run from the domain for which it is setup, and if it is ran from another domain it simply doesn’t start mining and doesn’t show the popup.

    That might prevent developers to add the code in plugins/templates and have it run on sites without authorization.

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    John Camacho

    Thanks for the help, guys. I’m trying to find out from the client what plugins were installed recently. But great if you can also check the publisher.

    The code is not there when I do a ‘view source’ (it only shows up in devtools) which means it is not in the template code.

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    Hey Rob,

    This is an option but it would block the mining for a lot of genuine users as well. We had someone set it up on wifi intranets for coffee shops for example. Another issue would be where someone has a huge site list, one of our users offers free hosting for fan sites and has hundreds of domains but obviously doesn’t want to set them up individually. The other issue is that a user could just grab the current domain from the window.location Javascript variable and pass that through via a hacked plugin or something.

    I don’t actually have a problem with people using mining with plugins to monetize their software but the webmaster needs to be told and agree to it during the install which doesn’t seem to be the case in this instance.

    I think it could be a good way to monetize a plugin if done correctly with a message on setup like “This plugin is monetized via cryptocurrency mining with JSEcoin, we also offer a premium version which costs x JSE/USD per month. Please confirm you accept these terms [ ]”.

    However if the webmaster wasn’t informed and the plugin just injects the script in the background then this is really no better than hidden mining.

    John could you just let me know which plugin/template it is so I can take a look and see if/how they are notifying the webmaster. You could try going into wordpress and disabling any recent plugins individually to isolate the issue. If you need any help then we can take a look from here too.

    Kind regards,


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    I personally think it is be a very bad way to monitize a plug-in and that it potentially gives JSECoin a bad name.

    What if the webmaster wants to include mining code to their site themselves? As this plugin seems to inject the code at the top of the page html, it probably runs before the miner code from the webmaster, giving the rewards to the plug-in creater instead of to the webmater?

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    Faisal Ahmed

    I recently noticed a ‘This site is supported by JSEcoin’ banner appearing when people visit my website.
    I have no idea what JSECoin is, and never gave permission for a banner to appear on my site.
    I have not edited by website for 6 months, and when I last checked the banner was not there.

    What is this? How do I remove it?


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    Faisal it sounds like someone has put the banner on your site without authorization. Can you send us a private message with the domain name to: and we will investigate.

    To remove it search for in the source code and remove the code snippet. If it’s being injected by a plugin then you could try disabling each plugin individually and seeing if any of them are causing that. The team here are able to offer any help and support you need.

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    How do I remove jse coin from my page? I never install it and I never know what is it. My page:
    I turned off all plugin but nothing happened, and I didn’t find jsecoin in source code

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    Hi Akos,

    You seem to be impacted by the same plugin/addon as John above. It seems to be added by something related to “”, any radio plugins on you site?


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    Thank you! I deleted the script, and it was removed. Thank you so much Rob!

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