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    Jose Llovell

    I can not mine via web from a linux server.
    the message comes out: “Sorry it is not currently possible to mine from an anonymous IP address…

    and I do not use TOR, VPN or proxy

    But it is an ip of the server

    I do not always mine from my pc and when I stop it I leave mine from the server

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    Same here. Everthing worked fine before my vacation, now I can’t mine anymore because of the
    “VPN / VPS / Proxy / Tor IP Address Detected” message.
    Did anything change on your side? I’m still using the same setup which worked before.

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    Same here, after one month and a half mining is over.

    I am aware that ‘officially’ VPN’s are blocked for so called ‘security reasons’, but in reality every VPN I tried worked fine.

    Ok, that’s de developer’s choice and I try to respect it. But if someone seriously thinks that I will lower my Internet security just because – in theory – it might be possible that someone invests in extra hardware and a bunch of VPN’s, just to mine an average of 50 coins/day which have absolutely no value, then he is wrong.

    So one miner less now. Good for the other miners I guess 😉

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    jansen marlon rosa

    I’m having the same problem, and do not have that
    VPN / VPS / Proxy / Tor IP Address Detected
    Sorry it is not currently possible to mine from an anonymous IP address. This may be because you are connected to the internet via:
    The VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    Anonymous Proxy
    TOR Onion Router
    To start mining please disconnect from your VPN / Proxy / Tor connection and use a valid IP address.

    We have put these measures in place to prevent mining fraud.

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    Funny 😉

    I solved my problem by switching IP’s a couple of times. Works fine again 😉

    But it seems that it now blocks innocent people who don’t use a VPN at all.

    The moral of the story: better join the club of criminal VPN users LOL.

    Sorry that you became an innocent victim in the fight against culprits like me…

    I guess that these blocking lists are not very accurate and dangerous to use. A bit serious VPN provider uses thousands of IP’s and it is impossible to block them all, especially because they change all the time. And if you start blocking IP ranges, yes, then the risk of friendly fire becomes real.

    I think admin should consider other options in the fight against fraud. Using a VPN is common and advised to make your connection more secure. In the country I live, the prisons are full of people who posted something wrong on Facebook. They most like would not be there if they used a VPN. With a VPN, it becomes more difficult for websites/governments/ISP’s etc to track you, so it is good for your privacy. And as an expat, I can use it to watch TV from home 😉

    But it is not good to mine more JSE’s. As long as the value of of 1 JSE is around 0,0025 euro, it makes no sense to make investments in hardware to mine a couple of 100’s coins more. Better hack a high traffic website instead 😉 And if a guy who already has two computers uses them both to mine, is that seriously such a big fraud that you need to take Donald Trump style actions?

    Instead: better promote mining on several computers! You need to spread the word about JSE? What if companies can use their computers to mine at night? The press will love the idea. Some already do it with Monero and other coins…

    Just my thoughts…

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    Hi we use a combination of iphub, tor exit addresses and the firehol lists to block anything other than residential addresses for the platform mining. The main thing we are trying to stop is someone setting up a automated network across an entire range of VPN IP’s. The problem is if one user is mining with 10 accounts then it means he’s taking rewards from 9 other users which is what we work hard to prevent. IPhub has a false positive submission here if anyone is having an issue mining from a genuine residential address: https://iphub.info/

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    Hi, thanks for replying. I’ve contacted the iphub team and they confirmed I was blocked. However, after unblocking me, I am still unable to mine on the JSE platform. I still get the same message.
    They confirmed I was still unblocked. Any advice on what steps to take now?

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    James Bachini

    Hi JS what is your IP address? Can send it here if you want to keep it private: https://jsecoin.com/en/support/contact/

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    James Bachini

    This should now be fixed and you should be able to mine from the IP address that was whitelisted.

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    Thanks, I can confirm mining works again now.

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    I think it’s not a good idea to simply block VPNs as you will block normal users (like me) too. Everyone who is interested in privacy should use a good VPN as a default option for everything. And I also don’t understand why this should be neccessary if one isn’t allowed to login/mine from two different IPs at a time.

    Using IPs is generally a bad idea as many people can share the same IP. For example we here have big providers that issue IPv6 to their customers tunneling them to only ONE IPv4 into the internet. So every user from this provider here in Germany (multiple thousands) share the same IP. Same with users working in big companies using their proxy and often VPNs too. Punishing all those normal users just because they have a ‘bad’ IP is not good.

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