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    jansen marlon rosa

    I do not understand very well how ICO works, but I would like to know how ICO’s progress towards JSEcoin is going well?

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    It’s going ok. The max ICO distribution according to whitepaper are 5,000,000,000 (5 billion). 15.000.000 are sold.

    If you remove the zeros, 15 are sold out of max 5000. It’s far below what i hoped for and it will not give JSEcoin enough funds to list on a big exchange unless big investors suddenly appear.

    I strongly believe in the vision of this coin, the team, their courage, their charity- and ecofriendly focus. They are great! And i will continue to support in every way i can.

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    Yes it’s been a good start but we really need to start ramping up volumes and marketing now.

    We have some press releases going out soon and a featured listing on ICO alert starting Monday. Banner advertising across a number of sites is now live too such as coingecko, altcoinforecast, coincheckup, coinjournal etc.

    It was never our intention to list on a big exchange like Binance straight away. Even if we hit hard cap I think we should list on a medium sized exchange to start with and work up increasing token price as we go.

    Thank you to everyone that has supported the project.

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    Just suggestion for marketing – https://cointraffic.io/ 🙂

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    Have you used them before ShineBro? What was your experience like?

    They are a managed agency i.e. they don’t have a self serve platform and the minimum deposit is $5k. I really wasn’t sure about the company but they do have a lot of placements in the crypto space so hard to ignore.

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    I did not have any experience with them, but they are used by many popular ICO sites.

    Also worth to check https://coinzilla.io/

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    Yeah coinzilla we have some ads running on actually. CPM’s are nosebleed high.

    Every time I speak to cointraffic.io I’m like “this time I am going to bite the bullet and just do it”. Then I speak to them and start banging my head against the desk and can’t believe how they have customers. The company name is cointraffic for example but you can’t pay in ETH and have to pay a 1% surcharge if you want to pay with BTC. There’s no self-serve platform and they don’t offer geotargeting or optimization. I’ve been doing media buys for years and have never come across a company like it.

    I’ll stop there before I get too ranty 😉

    Thanks for the tip offs. Probably we will post our experiences with all the ad networks and marketing services after the ICO.

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