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    JSE Admin

    ICO whitelisting is now available at https://jsecoin.com/whitelisting

    If you are considering participating in the ICO please get registered as early as possible as we have to manually check registrations.

    Two things to note:-

    • Use the same email you used to register on the platform
    • Use a wallet ethereum address, not a coinbase or exchange address

    Full guide here: https://jsecoin.com/HowToParticipateInICO.pdf

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    Hi, new user here, I’ve never participated in an ico, but if i say invest 500 CAD (not sure yet what it is in USD) than ICO initial price on exchanges will correlate with initial investment?

    1$ USD will translate to 1 JSE coin once released to exchanges, binance for example?

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    or 0.06 cents = 0.06 JSE…etc? thanks

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    Hi Mario,

    So the ICO price will be approx 0.006 USD / token based on the Ethereum price at the time. When we list on exchange we have no control over the price as this will be set according to supply and demand. It depends on a lot of external factors beyond our control so I wouldn’t even want to guess what we can achieve once exchange listed.

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    Hi James,

    Not long time ago I start to follow the development of this coin and also start web browser mining. Maybe I am off-topic (or not…) but is this ICO Whitelisting affect all of your users including us who only mine via web browser or just investors…? I am asking this because of the line in Whitelisting guide

    “The JSEcoin ICO requires all users to be whitelisted…”

    Also I am new to crypto’s so tnx for understanding…

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    When will go on exchanges? We all wan to know this 🙂

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    Hi Pan,

    Whitelisting is only needed if you are considering making an investment to purchase tokens during our ICO. If you are just going to continue using the self mining this is absolutely fine and you don’t need to get whitelisted.

    Hi Shinebro,

    We’re definitely getting closer. Check out James a talking about this in one of our recent AMA videos here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtwnVQ0HPNk

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    Frankly I am not real pleased about the ICO price. Those of us who got in early as investors should be rewarded more than people who buy in now. There is no difference, why did I bother to invest 6 months ago when I could have kept my money and bought in at same price at ICO?

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    i joined recently but didnt you guys get a 200x increase of tokens. if the token is succesfull you have quite an edge over the rest of us?

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    Not at all. The ICO at .006 equals then exact same amount of money I invested. I paid 1.00 us for each 1 JSE, was expecting ICO pricing to be at least 2.00-3.00, also don’t like the 200X, that’s like a penny stock at .003 which nobody buys and nobody wants. Just my 2 cents.

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    The price at ICO will be slightly higher than what pre-ICO investors paid. It wont be 2-3x higher because that would price us out of the market IMO. Obviously there’s a benefit for the project and all stakeholders to pricing the tokens as high as possible but we have to balance that with realistic valuations. This is still something that isn’t set in stone until we deploy the ERC20 contract so any feedback is welcome.

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    Jose Llovell


    I’m using metamask but I can not access https://jsecoin.com/tokensale
    required in step 4
    404 error comes out

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    James Bachini

    Hi Jose,

    Sorry the ICO isn’t actually open yet, we are just getting people whitelisted ready.

    I’ll put a coming soon page on that URL for now. We are looking at July for the start of the ICO/tokensale.

    Apologies for the confusion.

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    Any way to change our “Expected investment”? I’m wanting to double mine.

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    Hi Daniel, That’s good news thank you. Sure you can just fill the form in again and it will overwrite your current settings. Later today we will be adding an ICO menu option in the platform which will display your current whitelisted address.

    The intended purchase amount is only really for our internal budgeting but there is one important exception. Investments over $10k USD require us to check photo ID’s to comply with KYC anti-money laundering regulations. So if you think there’s any chance you might be investing $10k or more put $10k in and send us the ID so we can get you approved for larger contributions.

    We aren’t going to hold anyone to the intended purchase amount, there’s no commitment or anything like that, it’s simply for our internal budgeting and the KYC thing.

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