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    so i had my roommate down stairs sit on my website all night to i could see what one person would generate to estimate crowds later on, i just checked now and nothing has changed from last night. the embed is in the right spot as the bottom bar pops up when i go to my own site, plus i can hear both mine and his computer ramp up after landing. so my question is, what am i doin wrong, and why arent any JSE being generated?
    any help would be greatly appreciated as i go full on live in 4 hours and id rather not use monero miner. the site is live now too, just advertising starts then.

    also, as im a little behind, what is the JSE to USD rate right now?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Kiel,

    The publisher mining earnings are directly correlated to the number of unique visitors a site has. In this example only one unique users was present hence why the stats did not change. For a single user it might be better to try the self-mining as this takes hashes found in to greater consideration and a single user can earn more JSE. Price to USD is not set at the moment as no tokens are available for sale. It will be determined by the open market when we list on exchanges later this year.

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    yeah im still just building it and was testing i suppose. so a repeat person to my site wouldnt be mining cause they are not unique?
    2: ok, so does that miner cover my whole site or just the page its on?
    3: when i upgrade my account in a few days and have my own domain again, will i have to make a new embed code?
    4: if it is site wide, how could i isolate off a specific page as id like to have people mine monero but wiil have a full widget to mine their own aswell.
    5: do you have any rough guesses on how much the first ICO/juse will be?
    6:do you have an active widget that my users could control the threads and throtttle? and if so, they would have to create an acct here first right then mine on my site?
    6A: what % would my site take for user mining?

    thanks for all the help 🙂

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    Hi Kiel, I’ll answer these questions individually.

    1. A repeat person visiting your site within a 24 hour window would be counted as a hit and not a unique in the stats.

    2. This depends on how you place the code. It’s normally best to put it in the footer of a template file so it will run across the entire website. If you just add it to the home page then it will only run on the home page etc.

    3. I would, just so the siteID matches the domain that the code is running on.

    4. This is possible but it’s hard to advise without knowing much about the site in question. I’ll provide an example in PHP for how you could do this across three files a footer template file, a home page you want to run JSEcoin and a contact page you want to run Monero.

    Home Page index.php


    $miner = ‘jsecoin’;

    ….. standard html


    Contact Page contact.php


    $miner = ‘monero’;

    ….. standard html


    Footer template file footer.php


    if ($miner == ‘jsecoin’) {
    // enter jsecode here
    } else if ($miner == ‘monero’) {
    // enter monero code here


    This is just one example of how you could do it. You could also build in the option to have a default miner and then just adjust this on certain pages. Basically whatever coding language you are using on the site you will need to set a variable for which miner you want to use and then check for it in the footer template to display the right code.

    5. Nope noone on the team is allowed to offer estimates or valuations on JSE or any kind of financial advise or predictions of future outcomes.

    6. No we could implement this pretty easily but at the moment there are no plans to offer this. I’m not sure we want to go down the road of maxing out hardware on the publisher side like the Monero miners do. This leads to a bitcoin style arms race for more and more resources and we want to provide a service which uses the minimum possible resources.

    6A. The webmaster is credited with 100% of earnings. Visitors have the option to sign up for an account and try the self mining at which point if they sign up via the privacy notice “learn more” or logo links then the webmaster will also be credited for a referral payment.

    I hope this goes some way to answering your questions the PHP example isn’t the best and is untested as well so I’d use that as a vague guideline only as there are probably better ways of doing this tailored to your site and environment. If you have any more questions let me know.

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    wow, excellent, thankyou soo much for the help!!

    is a graphical user interface going to released soon? id like my users to get their share to and have more control

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    No plans to release a website GUI although this might be possible in the future. One issue we have is distributing the share of funds to the end-users. This is because the vast majority of end-users wont have a JSEcoin account. We did toy with the idea of storing earnings data server-side or client-side so that they could sign up for an account in future and redeem their earnings. The issue with this was that client-side data can be manipulated and storing the data server-side takes a huge amount of data because we have millions of visitors each day and they would all need to be recorded.

    We could potentially do something with EC Crypto, like once they’ve been mining for 10mins or more set a cookie for the amount they’ve earnt and then digitally sign it from a trusted account. I’m just thinking out loud now though so to answer your question not for the foreseeable future but it’s something we have tested in the past and may look at again in the long-term.

    With regards to more control over hash rates etc. This isn’t something we have planned on offering. We don’t want to go down the road of having hardware maxed out and if one publisher increases their hash rates it puts pressure on other publishers to follow suit and eventually we have a system where noone will be able to earn anything without a detrimental effect to the end user experience on the site.

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