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    i got the email about this change

    first of all as far as decreasing the jsecoin price and increasing our holding does not make sense to me as we are here in long-term game and not to lure in people with short-term aim, if the people will see what jsecoin brings to the table and its value then the trading at ico will continue to happen and price will gradually increase past $1 and go to great heights…so why decrease it even lower at start.

    when it comes to decreasing the market cap to half or $60M for ico is fine as it will give a realistic target in everyone’s mind and long term benefits for the better development of jsecoin in coming years.

    whats do you think folks?


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    when I see 10,000,000,000 coins I do not like it. more than half of the coins on the exchange have as many coins and I do not want to buy them.

    Although there is no difference how many coins the main idea behind them is

    Sorry for my English

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    Nick I

    I think It’s more about preference than anything.. the fact that there are more coins out there and that are cheaper make it more desirable to some people. I don’t see why this could/would be negative to a long term holder… I don’t understand why people condemn a higher total supply of coins. Ya it would be harder for the price per coin to increase, but the value you have will stay the same because of the larger amount of coins you own. Smaller total supply would make it easier for the price per coin to go up, but you would have the same value because you have a smaller amount of coins. Our values won’t be affected by any change in total supply. The increase in total supply will only attract more people to the project because it’s cheaper, which makes JSE go up in value (more people investing= JSE increasing in price)

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    JSE Admin

    Hi Tushar I hope you don’t mind me gatecrashing this thread by linking to it from the blog post.

    So this is an interesting post in that it’s terrible advice but gives some insight in to a minority (I hope) of crypto-investors thought process.

    Tips to help you find the next Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple

    We done a benefits/drawback analysis of this which I’ll post below.


    We will raise more at ICO due to investor psychology

    Mining rewards will “look” more significant

    Strong support for this from the community (initial support, we will see how this thread goes 🙂

    Post ICO trading will benefit ^investor psychology

    If project was a success it would be easier to pay 3 JSE for a product than 0.03 JSE


    Hassle, would need to reset the blockchain

    Potentially need to retest large numbers with floating points / JS.

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    From good project slowly change to shit coin
    Waste of time and I am out

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    Sorry to hear that Diddo, is it the inflation that you are against?

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    Mark Bouchard

    Staying at original numbers or moving to 10 billion is not my complaint.

    It’s my opinion the servers have been dishing out JSECoin since October 2017 at a rate suitable and more in line with a 10 million max cap. This was done supposedly to make sure that JSECoin built up slowly and to eventually gain good value once on the market.

    To turn around and offer a 200% bonus to existing balances, if the move to 10 billion takes place, falls short of rewarding your early supporters/miners in a very big way. Us early supporters were there because your concept and path forward was appealing enough to get us to start mining JSECoin way back in the beginning.

    If your servers were dishing out JSEcoin at a 10 billion max cap rate from the start, folks would have been compensated fairly. As it is, bumping the balances up 200% is insulting to experienced crypto players. What you need to do for your early supporters is multiply the balances x 1000.

    If your ultimate max cap is going to be 10 billion coins, 200% of people’s balances is a miniscule amount in a market that size.

    I’m curious what the team and the rest of the followers think about this?

    A 200 coin balance should turn into 200,000, not 400 after the switch.

    Early supporters in this market are supposed to get some kind of reward as an advantage over others. A 200% increase in balances relegates all your early supporters to insignificance.

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    Nick I

    I think you and whoever made this forum section have it all wrong… they will multiply our existing balances by 200x not 200%. So it is a 20,000% increase.

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    Yes that is correct so any early supporters who are holding 200 JSE will end up with 40,000 JSE.

    I’m going to do some testing on this today to see if there are any technical issues we should be concerned about. I’d like to implement this sooner rather than later if all goes well.

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    Mark Bouchard

    Thanks. I’m glad it was a misunderstanding.

    I appreciate the info.

    Best Regards.

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    So when will you implement that 200x token increase? I’m fine with anything.

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    JSE Admin

    I think probably if all goes well in a couple of weeks time. We did some testing yesterday and I can’t foresee any technical issues. We will have to take the platform offline for about an hour so it makes sense to do it when pushing out other updates I think. We will put out a blog notification and email with the exact date closer to the time so noone gets a surprise when they next log in.

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    Something which I have not yet seen mentioned that I think should be brought to your attention…

    As you have now released the merchant tools, i think the merchant tools page needs to have a warning…

    If you Inflate the currency 200x then any merchants that have already set their prices and put the merchant codes to sell items using jsecoin on their sites will be in for a shock when you change to Inflate the currency 200x

    They will have already hard coded the jsecoin payment buttons on their sites and any sales that they make after the Inflate the currency 200x has taken place will be 200x lower than expected.

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    That’s a very good point Neil. I’ve put a message on the merchant tools setup page and I’ll also make sure that anyone that has transactions going through gets notified.

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    I appreciate these news!

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