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    JSE Admin

    What are investors favorite methods of investing in altcoins?

    BTC transfer
    ETH transfer
    LTC transfer
    Bank wires
    Cash in a dark alley
    On Exchange
    Coinbase > Altcoin Exchange

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    I’m not one unfortunately but i would like PayPal or Bank Wires but those extra fee…

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    Is there reward program for early investors, percentage of extra jse coins.
    Like the program , keep doing the good job guys

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    Jeffery Dow

    Eventually add an interface to allow Ether and Bitcoin for investment. Also add credit card and/or debit card.

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    Jeffery Dow

    I would investment a decent amount, and I have some qualified investor friends who could as well, but I need to know more.

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    Exchanges, as many as possible!

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    Bernd Thomsen

    Hi Guys….
    I am impressed by the Concept… I am an Ex-IBM Tech Guy/Sales of Enterprise Server etc.
    I quit my Job, I am starting a small Mining Farm with Antminer D3 & L3+. In total 90GH/s with X11 Algorythm and 1008 MHs on Scrypt.
    Now I will start mining on October 15th. I was thinking of offering some cloud mining…. @ the same time maybe we could offer something on the JSE Platform….combine little contract of mining, which people by for DASH or Lite Coin….then earn those coins from my mining daily …Let me know if you Guys are interested… questions…my phone is 00353 86 786 5355…..mail… Thx Guys…

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    lol I get 33/60GH/s with a 650 Watt Powered Xeon 1366LGa lol

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    I use coinbase and just got on coinomi because i cannot invest in enough with coinbase.

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