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    James Bachini
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    Nice, but are there any plans to continue JSE coin?

    As far as I can see, that project is completely dead: while other coins are climbing now JSE sinks deeper and deeper every day. I know that this is a risk with crypto currencies, but I have the feeling that the JSE team (only James left?) completely abandonned it…

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    I agree with Marc, the coin looks dead. Also, I find it striking that an important topic started by Ev (https://jsecoin.com/topic/jsecoin-and-firefox/) has no reaction from the JSE team / @james.

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    Thanks Juzi for expressing your concerns.

    One correction, I didn’t “start” the Firefox question (We were put on to that trail by the alert “Mark the Woodpecker”.), but happily pursued it to Handoff-to-Developer-Team Status, since as you observed, Firefox is an important Browser and there are clear criteria for accepting JSECOIN as legitimate to run via Firefox Browsers. Presumably, once JSECOIN meets those straightforward criteria it’s an all-clear for JSE, so far as Firefox is concerned. With Firefox hurdles being cleared, surely that would add historical legitimacy to other acceptance criteria: “Look here, we are readily accepted on Firefox via a serious vetting process by professional Firefox Developers, so why not your software too?”

    I hold your same concerns Juzi. Having been a Developer, I know what it’s like to be snowed under. It may be that even an important a consideration as Firefox is just not yet on top of the Development Priorities.

    James? Your thoughts?

    Best Regards,


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    Whoops, I see. My mistake. Sorry for that. Credits to Mark the Woodpecker for starting the topic and credits for you, Ev, for filing the bug report to Mozilla.

    @james, would you be able to share your thoughts on this topic: https://jsecoin.com/topic/jsecoin-and-firefox/#new-post

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    With regards to the firefox issue we’ve been trying to negotiate the changes required for whitelisting. I’ve updated the public thread as well:


    With regards to the rest of the team and the health of the project. I’ll speak to the guys and ask them to be more active in the forums. The project isn’t dead, the token price is at an all time low which isn’t unique to our project, a lot of altcoins are in exactly the same position. We are trying to do more to boost investor interest such as the recent interviews which are linked to across social channels: https://twitter.com/jsecoin

    On the dev side we are ahead of schedule still for the year. The token price and low trading volumes are a concern and something we need to be more proactive about addressing.

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    You won’t like me anymore after what I am gona say, but the main reason that JSE is dead is a complete lack of management skills.

    You and the team have great idea’s and I really believed in the project, but the more time I spend here the more desperate I become ;-(

    Just two recent examples:

    – the add exchange: good idea to create a market for JSE. But the way it is implemented!!! First of all, it seems not to work. If I visit the sites you list in the ‘catalog’, I find only ONE which actually shows adds (visited approx 10 sites). And the adds I see are always the same, on every page the same booking.com adds. Months ago I tried it on my site, and it was just impossible to implement it in a decent way. Reported it and nothing changed. And if you want an add exchange, don’t you think it needs at least a seperate website? The way it is now, nobody is ever going to use it, especially since there is a wide range of competitors which offer publishers and advertisers a wide range of tools (and pay in real money!).

    Personally I expected a lot from that exchange, and unfortunately I hold my coins till it was released. After it became clear it was a fiasco, I had no choise as to dump them. Sure many people did the same, contributing to the downfall.

    – recently, a golden opportunity happened – the main competitor stopped, and what did JSE do? Absolutely nothing. If one of the other webmasters wanted the switch to JSE, he could even not find it. Did you ever google for ‘browser mining script’ or similar? If you do, you will have many hits, but you will not find our beloved JSE coin. That’s just a lack of basic SEO knowledge. If you don’t know these things, for a few bucks you can hire an expert or just ask it here. Or you could have made some publicity on some relevant sites.

    But then, if, if, if someone finds his way to the JSE site, what will he find ? This forum of course. After a quick reading, the visitor will have the feeling that:

    – JSE conciders half of it webmasters as criminals.
    – JSE blocks funds without giving any explanation.
    – there is no support available, just a bot and this forum
    – if you have a bit of luck, the CEO might reply after a week

    etc. etc.

    People with some knowledge of accounting might also find your monthly accounts. While it is a good idea to be open, I feel it is a very bad idea to publish these, because they show me that:

    – JSE is not a real company. No office, no staff, no salary costs etc – just the SEO working from behind his kitchen table.
    – The little money which was raised from the ICO was wisely invested in sinking ETH. It is clear that it is just matter of time before there is nothing left to pay the server costs and then?

    Where can I invest my hard earned money?

    I can go on like this for a while, but I hope this is enough to let the JSE team think for a few moments.

    What you need is a good manager, someone with a bit of the vision of Elon Musk – but unfortunately they don’t come cheap

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    Mark the Woodpecker

    Hey, I’m gonna give my two cents (or more accurately 865 words) on this matter. And thanks for acknowledging me in regards to the Firefox issue but surely someone else would have seen it sooner or later. As said earlier, Mozilla has not yet made the changes so there’s still time to react and try to resolve the issues. Website background mining is still considered to be 100% fraud by the public so it’s not easy developing an honest and transparent solution but JSE is trying to do just that.

    Every so often someone comes on this forum and writes a lengthy post in anger (well I can’t read minds so I can’t say for certain how anyone else feels) judging the team and bashing the project. I’ll just address a few of Marc’s points from my point of view. To clarify my stance: I’m not affiliated in the JSE project, I’m just an investor. I’m currently not a webmaster and therefore have not been using JSE scripts. I participated in the ICO and afterwards have been buying JSE from Latoken.

    “You won’t like me anymore after what I am gona say, but the main reason that JSE is dead is a complete lack of management skills.”

    Well this goes wrong in both points: JSE isn’t dead. The reason the token price is horse shit is because the project is not in general knowledge. Ever heard of MOAC? Neither had I before this and it’s the 117th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap at the moment of writing this. It has been mostly falling despite this latest upward momentum which is not a full on bull run by the way. The JSE project is live, it goes on and it’s being developed continuously. The main thing the project team needs to manage is the development itself. And that is what they are doing. The team is small and the time needs to be prioritized, hence the delay in forum replies. I’m not saying things could not be done better but with the resources they have I feel they are focused in the right things.

    “After it became clear it was a fiasco, I had no choise as to dump them. Sure many people did the same, contributing to the downfall.”

    This is a typical claim and in my view the idea behind it is to show that you – a person that feels betrayed by the project – contribute to the downfall of JSEcoin as an illustration of some sort of karma. You cannot dump JSEcoin because the liquidity is almost nonexistent -> if you want to get rid of your tokens fast you need to sell them with a lower than market price which increases the demand for a short period of time. There are 2165 online self miners mining while I’m writing this and over twenty thousand websites using the scripts to mine the token. Most of the people in possession of JSEcoin don’t dump their tokens but hodl.

    – JSE conciders half of it webmasters as criminals.

    Without question the most frequent new post in this forum is something like: “THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON SCAM SCAMM!” If more information is asked from the poster (which site, which id, what happened) there’s not much more information given. The JSE project team realizes that there are A LOT of fraud attempts so probably half of the people screaming “FRAUD” are fraudsters themselves.

    – JSE blocks funds without giving any explanation.

    This has been addressed frequently on this forum as well: there is an AI monitoring network traffic and if a violation occurs the AI shuts down the culprit. Sometimes there are misfires but typically there’s no fire without smoke. If you cannot obtain your tokens from the platform the typical reasons are lost pin numbers. I think there’s a pending period for all token withdrawals but that too is a security feature, not a middle finger. The project team is very small and there simply isn’t enough man power to go over every inquiry so much of it is automated.

    – there is no support available, just a bot and this forum

    The project team is very small and there simply isn’t enough man power to go over every inquiry so much of it is automated.

    – if you have a bit of luck, the CEO might reply after a week

    The project team is very small and there simply isn’t enough man power to go over every inquiry so delay is inevitable.

    “Where can I invest my hard earned money?”

    Wherever you see fit. There are approximately 2000 projects to choose from in the crypto sphere alone. If you don’t want to deal with risks the safest option is to put aside money and keep it in your bank account. There are always people asking where they can invest their hard earned money. When the times are hard people tend to get fearful. When times are good some people ask why they didn’t pick the winner project. I don’t know if JSEcoin is “a winner project” but they certainly have a lot going for them and I continue to support them.

    “What you need is a good manager, someone with a bit of the vision of Elon Musk – but unfortunately they don’t come cheap”

    Like I said above there are approximately 2000 projects in the crypto sphere. Many of them are still scams for sure but how many do you know by name? How many of them have their own Elon Musks? For example: Siacoin is one of the all time best performers in crypto but I have never seen or heard about their project managers. Sure a loud and flashy marketing person such as TRON’s Justin Sun can elevate a project but there’s tons of high quality projects that are developed silently in the background while the 5-10 top cryptos get all the attention. That’s just how it goes.

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    Mark the Woodpecker unfortunately the biggest issue is no communication: People understand that the team is tiny, but with every successful project, communication is the key – especially on a frequent basis.

    What prevents for example the team to do a weekly half an hour live question/answer session on youtube? They could answer there progress to users on a regular basis. Knowledge is power and if people don’t know what is going on it will only lead to speculations and unnecessary FUD. It wouldn’t take up too much time and would definitely calm some of the investor’s/user’s mind to be able to know what is going on.

    If no proper communication and basically nothing working properly, no one blames people to feel left out and only see the fact: price is dropping every day and the concerns and questions of the people are not answered at all (I saw two people in the discord channel trying to reach a human being to talk to – because they have lost their 2fa device. It should be a standard process to help them, even the biggest exchanges does that after proving identity and answering a few questions related to the account).

    It’ll only give a bad impression in the general public if the communication issue is not handled properly from the future on.

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    I am not concerned because of the low value of the coin. That is just part of the game. However, I am concerned because of the lack of communication, just as Emily stipulates above. If you look at this website/forum/social media, there is very little communication from the JSE team. In the past, for example, other members have been more active on this forum. Where are these other members? I acknowledge that the team is small and time is money, but it does start to look that @james is the only one left. The lack of communication is therefore not helping the coin. In fact, if you look at this forum, active members have since left (i.e. Rob). Improving communication doesn’t have to be a time consuming activity. If you, for example, schedure a short (15 minute session) three times a week per employee, you can already show you are active and involved.
    Oh and by the way, I am still hodl. Dumping coins, as Marc writes, doesn’t help at all.

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    Thanks for the support. I’m going to weigh in here as well.

    With regards to the ad-exchange it’s working, we are still improving it and developing features but it’s fully functional and from a technical perspective the roll-out went pretty smoothly.

    RE: competitor shutting down we actually contacted every website that was using that competitors code that was listed in the majestic million when this happened. A lot weren’t interested in an alternative because the markets were down and they weren’t earning anything with said competitor but we picked up a few good publishers. Now might be a good time to reconnect as the markets are just starting to come back and retail confidence and interest is returning.

    With regards to communication it’s a double edged sword. We’ve tried to focus on Youtube interviews this month and get some new outreach that way. Please bare in mind that we have A LOT of social channels to manage and if we are spending our time here then we are neglecting other areas of development. I think we do need to improve or find someone to manage the channels and the criticism is fair. But asking volunteers to provide support or reply to threads like this professionally over a long period of time is a big ask. This reply alone will take 30 mins out of the day where I’m not working on building the project. And then there’s still the following channels to check up on:-


    RE: Monthly accounts, I think it’s important to publish these as more than anything it shows how we are allocating the ICO funds. A lot of projects in this space will be taking funds personally or doing something shady which would prevent them from making their accounts public. We are acting ethically and we should shout this from the rooftops IMO. We don’t have huge budgets for offices at this stage and all our funds were contributed in ETH. In hindsight we should have hedged this against the USD but at the time we thought and still do think it’s a bad time to sell crypto assets. The last year and a half have been hard for everyone involved in crypto but we kept costs to a minimum, working from the kitchen table, and are still here to come through it at the other end.

    “JSE considers half of it webmasters as criminals. – JSE blocks funds without giving any explanation”
    This just isn’t true. We appreciate our publishers and the vast majority of what we build is focused around webmasters needs. We did have a period where we were manually blocking funds on accounts where there was something shady going on. This is all done automatically and effectively now via the machine learning algos. People are still going to try and scam the publisher rewards but I think the vast majority of complaints and issues in this area have been reduced since introducing the ML. We want as little funds as possible to be lost to fraud/hackers and will continue to work to keep the network as clean as possible as this means fairer distribution of mining rewards to real users.

    “What you need is a good manager, someone with a bit of the vision of Elon Musk – but unfortunately they don’t come cheap”
    If anyone wants to get more involved with the project then we would love to hear from you. The team is small and the project is still growing organically so we could do with all the help we can get.

    As always I’m very appreciative of the feedback we get from the community and we will discuss some of the criticisms here further internally.

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    Thanks for the lengthy reply.

    However, I feel that some of my remarks were not received the way I intended, so I will try to be more clear.

    The main thing is that JSE should think a bit more commercial.

    If a fresh potential investor/webmaster visits the site for the first time, he will find way too many negative things (the ‘criminal webmaster’ stories and the horrible accounts for instance). Personally, I would remove them (including this topic) and make sure you can find the answers in the FAQ/bot. I don’t really want to start a new discussion if JSE’s actions against bad boys are correct – we had that a long time ago. But these bad comments don’t belong on a public forum maintained by JSE.

    Never forget, JSE sells money and you are in some way a banker. So act a bit as a banker and make sure people trust you and your company. Would you become a miner or investor for JSE if you read on the JSE website that many people lost their coins on vague claimns and only a public forum to defend themselves?

    JSE makes nice tools, but fails to promote them. Merchants have since a long time the possibility to accept JSE, but nobody uses them. Personally, I would love if I could pay my webhost with JSE, but I can not. So why not contact online merchants, convince them and help them with the setup? Right now, JSE is not better as the thousends of other coins (probably most will disappear soon anyway), but that could change if you could actually buy something with them (and if I understand well, this is exactly the same thing the team wanted from the beginning…)

    Same thing about the add exchange: it is there but few people seem to use it. The standard settings (top banner and floating one right under) might work, but it looks horrible. If I want to customize it, it will not work for reasons I reported months ago. So no JSE adds for me. And also not for other people as it is mission impossible to find the add exchange if you are not a miner yet.

    Solving my problems is a good start, but of course, more needs to be done: it needs to be promoted.

    Social media and youtube are nice additions, but not more then that. If you want to reach the mainstream, you also need the traditional press and the well know websites. Look at BTC, not long ago it was concidered as a currency for drug dealers. Thanks to the press coverage, it is now well accepted. This should happen with JSE too.

    I know the team is small (but not that small; according to your website 9 highly skilled people?), so why not give everyone a specific task (one guy to make nice sites, one to contact the press, one for promotion etc.?). And if you need more manpower, just hire some more people. Quite of lot of work can be done by students you know…

    Money will be a problem of course, so you might think about attracting some investors. You probably have an investing company in mind, but as JSE already is an established company, you can easily sell some shares on the internet (crowdfunding, this forum etc). I know the risk for an investor will be high, but after all people also invested in the ICO, which was even more risky.

    One last thing: many people here tend to say: “You stupid! Don’t you see that recently all coins lost value? So it is completely normal that JSE is worth nothing!”

    I don’t entirely agree with that. From the beginning, JSE tried to be linked to the ETH at an initial parity of 1 ETH = 75000 JSE. Today it is more like 1 ETH = 500.000 JSE

    Yes, the ETH sank deep against the USD, but JSE sank mnuch, much deeper.

    If others have no problems with that, it’s up to them. But to me it shows how sick JSE became and drastic actions are needed.

    Just my thoughts…

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    James Bachini

    Hi Marc,

    So with the ad placements we actually put out an update out a while back which allows webmasters to place the ads where they want. It’s possible to disable the default placements and get ad codes for individual ads using the advanced options in setup. These can then be placed in line with the webmasters content/layout.

    Regarding the merchant tools, this is something we have penciled in for Q3 in the timeline. Currently only JSE is accepted but once we’ve integrated BTC/ETH payments as well it should be much easier to push merchant tools to web masters and e-commerce. Mainstream publishers associate cryptocurrency and bitcoin as one and the same. It makes all the headlines like you said so having that as a payment option should give us a more competitive product.

    I’m in two minds about deleting posts on the forum. I completely agree with what you are saying that having negative posts doesn’t help the project. But I also think that transparency is important and it could be seen as even more negative if we start deleting posts or close the forums completely. Also we don’t want to discourage the feedback loop both positive and negative as constructive criticism is helpful to the team and project.

    I’ve got it on the agenda at the next meeting to discuss with the rest of the team.

    With regards to the current team, raising funding and hiring staff. The majority of the people that work on the project are doing so only part time or in an advisory role. Everyone is currently doing so voluntarily and noone is getting paid for the time they put in. I’m in a lucky position that I can devote my full attention to this but for everyone else it’s necessary to have a day/side job to pay the bills etc. Matt has been looking at raising funds via an equity deal and has some good ideas. We decided at the start of the year that we wouldn’t pursue additional investment until the markets recovered as the business sentiment would have made it difficult over the last 12 months. I think the crypto winter is just starting to thaw now so it’s something that we are going to be pursuing in the medium term. Additional funding would benefit all stakeholders IMO as it would allow us to expand and grow much quicker.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion. As mentioned, criticism is always more useful than compliments as it helps give the team feedback and highlights areas we can improve.

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    Hi James,

    Thanks for the reply.

    According to the ad placements; do you remember the problem with the z-index? It was discussed on this page. In a nutshell: if you have a fixed top banner (like this forum for instance), the custom ads will ‘fly over’ instead of ‘fly under’ the banner if you scroll down. This is most likely due to the z-index of the ads. You told me before that it was unlikely that you could fix it, but this means that many sites can not use the ad exchange without ruining their layout. Also there was a VPN problem (specific for me). You did send a list of my ip’s for whitelisting to your ‘vpn block provider’, but I’m afraid they didn’t listen well ;-(

    Integrating ETH and BTC in the merchant tools is a great idea if you can do it together with a serious marketing campaign to convince merchants to accept it.

    According to the negative feedback: I really think you should consider to reopen the email helpdesk, especially if you plan to continue to block people. Or if you don’t want/can not do this: if you block someone, send them a mail with the reason why they are blocked and an email address they can use if they need further information. At least it will be less likely that they open another negative subject over here 😉

    Best regards,

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    I agree that the current forums are a terrible advertisement for JSE. Why don’t you just archive them and start a new one?

    Going forward we really don’t need to follow the long drawn out process of the ICO and initial development. What we do want is a vibrant community resource for people implementing JSE now.

    The whole JSE web site needs to be updated to reflect it as a finished product as opposed to its pre-ICO guff which litters the site now. If Facebook introduces its stablecoin a whole lot of web sites are going to want to have one too and JSE has most of the tools that a site owner could use if they were nicely packaged and presented.

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