Jse coin has no value?

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    Could 1 explain to me how this coin has any value at all? I mean it only has a value if it can be used for something, what can this coin be used for? What could 1 purchase with this coin? Am I missing something here? It just seems to be a coin you can’t do anything with, why would websites want to replace adds (guaranteed income) with these coins which will only be valuable unit has a use? I know its a fee free way to transfer coins but I see no value in the coins to begin with

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    Hi Simon,

    Creating demand outside of speculative investments will be important to our long-term success. This article outlines our plans for that: https://jsecoin.com/future-use-cases/

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    Thanks for the reply James, i don’t know how i missed that :/ ill be paying more attention from now on and mining 24/7 🙂

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    Dear James, please try to send me the current Website above again. It says error 404
    moreover, what is the current value of 1 JSE coin? I am mining and mining and cant wait until to see new changes 🙂
    But I can say until now under one topic, GREAT WORK!

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    Apologies we changed the URL structure. It’s now at: https://jsecoin.com/blog/development/future-use-cases/

    There is no set value as we aren’t listed on exchanges at this time. We will be listing after the ICO which will be this year but we haven’t set a date until after we finish the dev work at https://jsecoin.com/timeline/

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